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Enraged mother tried to run over high school students for bullying against her son

A mother of a family threw her car at a group of students after a heated argument.

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A Las Vegas woman who was caught last week trying to run over a group of students high school with her minivan would have acted that way because she was upset that her son was a victim of bullying, police reports say.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that 36-year-old Jaquitta Madison, she was arrested after the fact and charged with four felonies of assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident occurred in the parking lot next to Silvestri High School last Friday afternoon, when Madison confronted the mother of another student who had allegedly been bullying her son.

Cell phone video captured by a passerby shows approximately 30 students looking around the scene, Madison appears to have a physical altercation with one of them after the situation escalated.

The woman is seen to throw at least one punch before the student threw her to the ground and hit her several times. Madison later got into her vehicle, with the trunk door open, and quickly reversed toward the group of students, including the teenager she had just fought with; the minors managed to flee.

The conflict did not end there because the same student approached the driver’s side window and struck Madison, who was backing up at high speed in her vehicle again, without caring to hurt any of the students, who fled. The woman repeated the action several times and then fled the scene, accompanied by her son in the passenger seat.

The minor who confronted Madison told investigators that he was only trying to stop the fight between the woman and the mother of another student when she was punched in the face by Madison and after that, only defended herself from the attacks of the woman, according to the Review-Journal.

At least one of the witnesses said that when Madison went to her car pulled out a gun, although the witness reportedly said that he “hesitated” and then put it away after several students yelled, “He has a gun.”

Before the authorities, Madison would have admitted that she was targeting the student who knocked her to the ground, at the time of letting them go of their vehicle. “I’m not going to lie, I tried, like, hit him a bit with my car,” he said.

The saddest part was that her son was in the front seat and he was saying, ‘Go Mom! Go get it! My mom is going to run you over, you better move, “the witness Katie Duda revealed to the media. “He was literally making donuts trying to hit these kids.”

The woman is accused of hitting four students with her vehicle, although the police commented that no one was seriously injured. A judge set his bail at $ 20,000, which was paid by Madison who was released with an ankle monitor.

Also, she was ordered to stay away from high school. His next court appearance will be on December 11.

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