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Enrique Arnaldo prepared an appeal before the Electoral Board that the PP presented as his own

The candidate Enrique Arnaldo Alcubilla.

The candidate Enrique Arnaldo Alcubilla.

The PP candidate for constitutional Court Enrique Arnaldo wrote a letter for the Public Entity of Radio Televisión de Illes Balears, whose Community was chaired by Jaume Matas (PP), which later regional channel presented as its own before the Central Electoral Board (JEC), as stated in the documentation of the Palma Arena case, to which he has had access’El Periódico de España ‘.

Following instructions from Mr. Enrique Arnaldo Alcubilla, attached we send a document to be delivered to Doña María Umbert “, reads an email sent on Monday, May 22, 2006 by a worker from the Legal and Procedural Studies (EJP) office – of which he is a partner. the candidate of the PP to the Constitutional one-, to an employee of the Balearic television, in whose subject of the message it is specified: “To deliver urgently to Doña María Umbert“, who on that date was general director of the Public Radio and Television Company of the Balearic Islands.

The document, which refers to the “File (415/67)”, is a three-page brief as an appeal addressed to the Central Electoral Board (JEC), dated May 22, 2006, through which the director General of the Balearic Public Entity tries to stop “the information campaigns prepared by the Ministry of the Interior aimed at facilitating knowledge by voters of certain procedures related to the exercise of the right to vote in the referendum on the reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia “.

Instructions from Enrique Arnaldo. TERM

An Interior campaign

In May 2006 the Ministry of the Interior, headed by the socialist Alfredo Pérez Rubalbaca (PSOE), had initiated a campaign to promote the popular vote in the referendum held on June 18 of that same year on the entry into force of the Statute of Catalonia. But this popular vote was rejected by the PP, which ended up successfully resorting to the Constitutional Court to limit the autonomic rule.

That is why this letter was provided to the public television of the Community of Jaume Matas by Enrique Arnaldo, who served for a decade as a Congress attorney attached to the Central Electoral Board (JEC), defended on behalf of the director of Balearic television that by virtue of article 50.1 of the Organic Law of Electoral Regime (Loreg) “it is not possible for the Ministry of the Interior to promote the dissemination of informational spaces on certain aspects related to the voting procedure in the referendum “.

It also rejected that the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero promoted the vote, considering, as stated in the appeal, that only the public authority that, by virtue of its legal competence, had called it, could carry out the informational institutional campaign on the referendum. public is the Generalitat of Catalonia and not the Government of the Nation“, the letter literally settled.

Catalan media

The document released by Arnaldo considered, therefore, that the dissemination of institutional advertising should be limited to the media “of the territorial scope of the electoral process called, which is that of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia “, in reference to TV3 and other Catalan media, but not to RTVE.

But the appeal provided by Enrique Arnaldo, whose office charged a fixed amount of around 2,100 euros for providing legal advice to the Public Entity of the Balearic Radio and Television, did not achieve its objective. The Central Electoral Board refused to prevent the Ministry of the Interior from promoting the referendum on the Statute, as recorded in file 415/67, which can be consulted at the web of this organism.

The JEC met in a session that took place on May 24, 2006, two days after the PP candidate for the Constitutional send file 415/67 “urgently” to the television of Jaume Matas, and concluded that “the Ministry of the Interior can carry out the information campaign on the date of the vote, the voting procedure and the requirements and procedures for voting by mail as well as on the periods of exposure of the census and claims about it, a campaign that the RTVE media and those of public ownership of Catalonia will be obliged to broadcast, excluding municipal-owned radio broadcasting stations “, specifies the agreement.

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