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Enrique Ponce retires “indefinitely”




Enrique Ponce has announced his retirement from the arena “indefinitely”. Without anything to presage the decision of the Valencian right-hander, the news, unexpectedly, caught the fans by surprise, who this Tuesday were waiting for the bullfighter in the Burgos bullring, and who had to be promptly replaced by the company of the Castilian bullring.

“The first thing I want to say is thank you for your love and unconditional support, especially during this year of a pandemic in which I decided to defend bullfighting, move forward and give back to the bull world how much it has given me,” says Ponce, as a brief preamble to his determination: «At this point in my 2021 bullfighting season I have decided to do A stop along the way and retire indefinitely.

Since Chiva’s took the alternative in the Fallas fair de Valencia in 1990, it is the first time that an absence from the arena has been made official. Since that March 16, when Joselito received his doctorate in the presence of Litri, Enrique Ponce, who will turn 50 next September, has held a privileged place in the ranks of bullfighters. More than three decades at the top of bullfighting speak clearly of the ability of a bullfighter who has never shied away from the responsibility of a true bullfighting figure.


In September 1990 he confirmed the alternative in Sales with Rafael de Paula as godfather and Luis Francisco Esplá completing the poster, and already in the 1992 season it ended with more than a hundred runs, a figure that has been added in not a few years, in which the triumphs in all the important places were repeated .

It was a idol in his Valencia native, he has conquered Madrid, Seville surrendered to him, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Pamplona, ​​the French of Nimes, Dax or Bayona… and all bullfighting America, from Mexico to Colombia, from Peru to Venezuela, without forgetting Ecuador.

An inordinate fondness, always loyal to a highly plastic concept, with an enviable technique in command and temper, his extensive presence in the arena has been admired by amateurs, professionals and the general public. Along with the innumerable trophies obtained in all the bullrings of the world, in 2007 he received the Gold Medal of Fine Arts, and in 2017 the National Bullfighting Prize.

Marriage with Paloma Cuevas, daughter of the bullfighter, businessman and attorney, Victoriano Valencia, a couple who always attracted interest as protagonists of the world of the heart and who broke up last year, when he began a relationship with the young woman Ana Soria.

Last weekend he successfully fought in the squares of Alicante and Castellón, without his performances giving off the smallest detail that could make one think that he was going to announce his withdrawal from the ring, which he himself considers a stop on the road indefinitely.

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