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Enrollment at Colegio San Alberto Magno (SAM) increases due to the great change in the learning and innovation model

Education from an early age is essential for the development of people and the progress of societies. Therefore, the choice of school is essential. Before making this choice, many aspects that the educational center must comply with must be taken into account.

In this way, located in Monforte del Cid, there is a reference educational center in bilingual English-Spanish training in the province of Alicante, the Colegio San Alberto Magno (SAM). It is a very innovative, with the best technological means for learning.

In this sense, SAM, like no other center in the province of Alicante, offers its students a innovative pedagogical method, with the developing soft skills and based on new technologies, which it applies with different tools for face-to-face and online learning and with a clear international vocation.

One new educational project that meets the demands of today’s society and that prepares students with a comprehensive approach, committed to educational excellence and through very clear and defined values, so that they are sufficiently prepared and can choose what they want to be in the future.

In addition, it covers the entire formative stage from childhood to completion of high school. San Alberto Magno uses active and inductive methodologies, centered on the student as the protagonist of the process, where learning is very present in any situation, form or place of the school.

The school has spaces in constant renovation.

Likewise, the center has native and Spanish teachers specialized in individualized attention in each of the school stages, promoting autonomy, reflection, critical thinking, creativity and curiosity, always working as a team under criteria of solidarity, companionship and cooperation.

Excellent facilities

In this vital educational journey, SAM offers high-performance facilities for the development of its Multiple Intelligences, serving each and every one of them for their intellectual, emotional, cultural, sports and artistic training. Its location also stands out, in the surroundings of Alenda Golf, 15 minutes from Alicante and excellently communicated with Elche and Elda, and the municipalities of their respective areas of influence.

The more than 33,000 square meters of facilities They have different sports courts, paddle tennis courts, a heated swimming pool, a sports hall and a long etcetera where the importance of sport in the center is reflected. But in addition, its facilities have computerized classrooms, a conference and projection room, laboratories, a multimedia room for Fine Arts, a technology room, computer spaces, a multimedia library, a chess room and a music room, a school garden for the little ones, etc.

All this with extensive school cafeteria facilities, adapted to the measures required by the current pandemic situation, with its own kitchen and restaurant service that produces the school menus with high quality products and with a very demanding nutritional control.

Therefore, it has spaces in constant renovation, now opens the playground with different environments and areas designed for experimentation, psychomotor skills, discovery and fun.

Framed in a unique natural environment, surrounded by nature.

Unique natural environment

But if there is something that this center is characterized by, it is for being framed in a natural environment unique, surrounded by nature, with large, landscaped and perimeter outdoor spaces for each age group. In short, an environment comparable to the best national and international standards that, together with a careful personalization of learning, thanks, among other factors to controlled student ratio, results in excellent academic results that reinforce the integral formation, body and mind, offered by the San Alberto Magno school.

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