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Enrollment for academic year 20-21 is still open at the Liceo Francés de Alicante

Families will be able to enroll their children with complete peace of mind at the Lyceum.

Families will be able to enroll their children with complete peace of mind at the Lyceum.

Given the current health situation, many families with children between the ages of 3 and 5 decided in the summer not to enroll their children as a precaution. However, now that the vaccine has arrived and that schools have successfully applied prevention protocols, many of these families are thinking of enrolling their children in school since January.

For that reason, ehe International French Lyceum of Alicante extends the enrollment period for this academic year 2020-21. The school has created a Contingency plan drawn up from the “protocol of protection and prevention against the transmission and contagion of Sars-Cov-2 for educational centers that impart non-university education in the 2020-21 academic year” of the Department of Health and Education.

Thanks to its strict prevention protocols, the Lyceum receives families in person, so interested families can come to the school to meet with the admissions department. You can order one quote here.

French high schools, present in 135 countries.

The International French Lyceum of Alicante is a center of the French lay mission arranged with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE), approved by both France and Spain. Be part of a network of 500 high schools present in 135 countries, 20 of them in the Spanish state.

His prestigious education is based on multilingualism, critical thinking and scientific experimentation. The Lyceum develops a active pedagogy focused on project work, where sports and culture are constantly promoted.

Given the character multilingual and multicultural from the center, students have the possibility of accessing higher studies in Spain and France, among other countries.

The International French Lyceum of Alicante extends the registration period for this course 2020-21.

Pedagogy at the Lyceum: pluilingualism and experimentation

  • A multilingual education. The teaching of several languages ​​and in several languages ​​from the age of 3 is a priority. The languages ​​taught at the Lyceum are French, Spanish, English and, with special emphasis on Secondary, Valencian, German and Latin.

The center project aims to obtain a level C1 in English, Spanish and French at the end of the students’ schooling. The level of the students is certified by recognized international entities, such as the Cambridge English Language Assessment.

  • Autonomy and experimentation. Children acquire knowledge, but above all they are taught to reason with them. They learn science in laboratories, with computers and all kinds of material to investigate in a practical way and elaborate, guided by the teachers, the theory studied.

The domain of digital tools is another of the fundamental aspects in the center.

  • Sport and culture. Indoor semi-Olympic pool, climbing wall, futsal courts, basketball, etc. Young people have all kinds of sports facilities, while participating in a wide cultural life: the choir, theater groups, exhibitions of renowned artists who visit the school …

Some protection measures against covid-19

At the Lyceum, the protocol is strict and the school’s educational community applies it at all times (on arrival to class, on departure, breaks …) and in all places (in classrooms, in sports areas, in transport…).

To supervise the protocol, the Lyceum has a ‘Responsible for the COVID-19 protocol’. This professional is in permanent contact with the Ministry of Health in case of eventual cases or any type of incident related to covid-19.

Some of these measures are:

  • With respect to previous years, parents leave their children at the two doors located on the sides of the Lyceum and collect them through the main entrance, thus making it possible to social distancing both parents and children.

  • Unlike in previous years, parents are not allowed to enter classes.

  • The groups of students with their teacher are stable up to 4th grade of Primary. These groups avoid interaction with other groups from the educative centre.

  • All staff have to carry mask. Teaching and non-teaching staff who are not part of the stable group and interact with it, must wear respiratory protection and maintain an interpersonal distance (1.5 meters).

  • Meals are served directly in classrooms to avoid contact with other stable groups.
  • A frequent cleaning and disinfection of children’s recreational elements, with special attention to the most frequent contact surfaces.

As we said, all protocols are activated, and Families will be able to enroll their children with complete peace of mind at the Liceo by requesting an appointment with the admissions department here.

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