Saturday, November 27

Entrepreneurs debate in Alcoy the new challenges in SME management

Through the local, national and international experience and trajectory of 14 experts and professionals, the event “New business challenges. Financing, talent and sustainability ” It has focused on the new challenges that the company has to face and the new opportunities that are emerging in the social, economic and environmental fields.

The conference was opened by the general director of IVACE, Julia Company, Alberto Belda, Councilor for Employment and Business of the Alcoy City Council and Jesus casanova, Director of CEEI Alcoy-Valencia.

Julia Company has thanked the CEEI for organizing this meeting, which, since its inception “has been adapting to the demands of companies and entrepreneurs, becoming a benchmark for the entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

“In this edition – Company added – it was important to address aspects that can provide solutions to the needs that have arisen as a result of the crisis generated by the pandemic and to support innovative entrepreneurship as an effective instrument to reactivate and achieve recovery. economic of our companies. In addition, the chosen theme brings together three key aspects to take into account when launching new business challenges ”.

For Alberto Belda, “This event has established itself as a meeting point between companies, in which the agents of the territory have also participated, where they have debated and shared experiences in relation to project financing, generational change in family businesses, sustainability strategies, talent management, current trends and opportunities, etc., which are issues that concern companies today ”. And he added: “here they have exchanged contacts on the way to implement new projects in companies.”

For its part, Jesus casanova, highlighted that “today was the fifth edition of the Focus Pyme l’Alcoià, El Comtat, Foia de Castalla and Vall d’Albaida event” and recalled that “each edition has focused on a theme, proposed by the territorial and business entities themselves in the area, which has gone from the companies of the future to robotics and artificial vision, through digital prospecting and sustainability, to the business reinvention fostered by the covid environment ”.

At the event, a plenary session was held on the Fondos Next Generation and three thematic sessions: one on the management of talent, another focused on generational change in the family business and the latest regarding new trends in sustainability, circular economy and energy models.

In addition, the results of the second phase of the Territorial Needs Identification Program, carried out by the CEEI Alcoy-Valencia and the Mancomunitat de Municipis de l’Alcoià i el Comtat, which began in 2020.

During the event, Juan Viesca, director of European Funds of the Finnova Foundation highlighted “the exceptional work of Focus to provide information on the grants that companies can opt for, since there is a lot of ignorance and important details have been given here so that they can direct their actions to real calls ”.

“Many of the programs that are being launched by the European Commission and that are being implemented by the member states will be targeted at companies from the European Union and companies must be very aware of all calls for the Spain Plan you can like from the programs directly managed by the European Commission ”

For her part, Mónica Duart, Executive President of Dormitienda, stressed that “it is important to train working in other companies to have another vision and add value to the family business. Always without losing sight of the philosophy and values ​​of the company itself, which is what should last generation after generation ”.

For Daniel Lois, Director of Sustainability at Plásticos Erum “companies have to see that sustainability plays a strategic role in competitiveness. Adaptation is necessary since the company that does not do so will be left out of the market ”.

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