Monday, February 6

Environment: 7 ways to identify that a company appears to be “green” without being so

  • Beth Timmins
  • Finance and Business Reporter, BBC News

Disguised protesters denouncing green washing

Image source, PA Media


What do consumers need to look out for when detecting greenwashing?

Many of us try to reduce our environmental impact and for some that means choosing brands and companies that are environmentally friendly. But how can you verify that companies are really as green as they seem?

The call greenwashing or washed of image verde (labeling something as green or sustainable when it is not) misleads consumers into thinking that they are helping the planet by choosing those products.

Companies must be held accountable for how they advertise their services or products. But what should consumers take into account to detect the so-called eco-imposition?

1. False statements or vague language

Image source, Ryanair


A regulatory agency in the UK banned a Ryanair ad claiming to be the airline with the lowest emissions in Europe.

The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) says this is the reason it receives the most complaints.

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