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Environment investigates a spill that threatens the protected Elmeda de Pinoso

Condition of the elmeda de Pinoso after enduring a high salinity spill for eight months.

Condition of the elmeda de Pinoso after enduring a high salinity spill for eight months.

Environment has sent a team of technicians from the Sanitation Entity of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation to Pinoso to inspect a spill, allegedly illegal, that is drying up a protected elmeda located at the head of the El Prado-Rodriguillo wetland. A natural enclave of great ecological value that is currently in the phase of inclusion in the Catalog of Humid Areas of the Valencian Community, once the file has already passed the public information phase. This wetland is also home to a small population of a species of fish listed as “endangered”. Its about fartet And, like the rest of the flora and fauna in the vicinity, it may be seriously affected by a spill that the Pinoso Environment area detected five months ago, although, to this date, it continues to be maintained. And this despite the fact that the report of the municipal technicians clearly established the origin of the deterioration in clear discrepancy with the initial report of the Department.

It should be remembered that at the end of December, as this newspaper published, the environmental group Margalló de Elche, representing Ecologists in Action of the Valencian Community, denounced this environmental aggression before the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Monóvar Civil Guard.

The discharge is produced by a pipe that drains into a trench about 20 meters long, a few meters from the elm grove that is made up of a hundred specimens of about 40 years of life. It so happens that the trees most affected are precisely in the area closest to the ditch, which is permanently flooded, and those farthest from it get rid of the aforementioned condition. Furthermore, in the analyzes carried out on the flows coming from the drainage, a very high salinity index has been detected. Another factor that can speed up the process of degradation of elm roots.

At the moment there are around 50 irrecoverable adult specimens, practically half of a grove that the City Council declared of local and singular interest more than ten years ago to guarantee their protection. Now the only way to save the fifty elm trees that have not yet dried is necessarily to stop the spill, immediately, so that they can recover during the spring.

Environmental complaint

The recent inspection carried out by the technicians of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation in the enclave has been preceded by the claim, by the components of El Margalló, so that the facts were made known to the competent authorities: Ministry of Agriculture , Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development, Confederación del Segura and Pinoso City Council. In addition, environmentalists insist on demanding that the cause of the destruction of the elmeda protected in the municipal catalog cease urgently. Specifically, a drainage that has become a spill, which has been weakening the elms since last May by flooding the subsoil after two decades of stable ecological development.

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