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Environment. Towards an energy model without emissions

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The electric vehicle, a profitable and effective bet

Electric mobility is becoming the means of transport of the present. More and more drivers choose it as it is identified as a key tool to move towards an energy model without emissions and fight against climate change, objectives that are part of the Extremeño Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, which advocates an efficient modernization and renovation of the Extremadura car park.

In this way, innovative options in the automotive field are unstoppably gaining ground over fossil fuels. Every day the penetration of alternative energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, is more palpable on highways, roads and streets.

In the first half of 2022, the registrations of these vehicles grew at a year-on-year rate of 48%. However, it is still insufficient, which is why the administration of Extremadura seeks to promote a new mobility model, based on the principles of safety, efficiency and environmental and economic sustainability.


It is necessary to move diligently towards a transport scenario in the region in which energy efficiency predominates. The Junta de Extremadura developed the ‘Regional Strategy for the Promotion of the Electric Vehicle in Extremadura. Horizon 2018–2030’ as a broad and ambitious plan for the region to lead this decade in supporting and promoting the use of electric vehicles as a sustainable alternative for urban and interurban transport.

To achieve this, important incentives have been established, mainly co-financed at 80% with Feder funds, for the purchase of vehicles and the creation and provision of recharging infrastructures, in addition to promoting the economic sector associated with the electric vehicle.

Didactic guides

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Sustainability, through the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines, has published two didactic guides for the electric vehicle. One of them addressed to the technical staff of the Public Administration in Extremadura and the other to the citizens, with the aim of objectively publicizing the advantages of the electric vehicle, facilitating its incorporation both in public entities and in everyday life. These guides, together with the existing subsidy lines, can be consulted on the website

The citizens of Extremadura, as protagonists and promoters of this irreversible change in the energy transition process, are aware of and participate in the multiple benefits of electric transport vehicles, are aware of their zero air and noise pollution, the substantial savings in maintenance and greater efficiency energy that can be achieved.

The environment and the family economy must be cared for, betting on sustainable mobility. The Junta de Extremadura will accompany this effort to multiply the presence of electric vehicles on our roads.

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