Friday, January 21

Eón Horneo surpasses Málaga (30-31)

With only 10 players, the team went to the Los Olivos School Pavilion in Malaga to seek the two points against a direct rival. And, is that, at the last minute, the casualties of Alberto González and Cristian Moll were added due to a stomach virus. Adversities that made the team stronger.

From the opening whistle it came out like a gale to show that this Saturday afternoon nothing was going to be able to with them. Already at four minutes he was 0-4 up. The local team tried to get closer, but the Alicante people replicated and expanded without mercy. They also helped the two minutes of exclusion of Jorge Oleva and in which Nacho Mirallave put the 3-6.

If in the offensive game they were being superior, they were also superior in goal. Great performances by Pavel Miskevich and, without a doubt, those of Pepe Martín when stopping a seven meters. At thirteen of the game, with a 5-9 score, coach Quino Soler requested a timeout to change the game system and try to stop the people from Alicante.

On the 18th, the EON Horneo, would receive another setback. Dídac Villar saw the red card. Which left the team with only 7 court players. What seemed like it could stop the team’s spectacular start, caused the opposite. In the absence of 10 for the break, Óscar Gutiérrez’s pupils went to six up. Wide distance that the local team wanted to stop when climbing their first line. Change that served him as they cut distances. Although not enough and at rest the light marked 11-17.

End of heart attack

The second part started as a real street-rider. TROPS Málaga managed to be closer to the 8th game (17-21). It was then that Óscar Gutiérrez asked for time out to readjust his men. The people from Alicante were trying, but the ball did not want to enter. To try to stop the arreón of the Alicante people in the first half, the Malaga players raised their defensive line again. And it worked again. To this we had to add Jorge’s saves in goal. Those were the most difficult moments for the people of Alicante and at 44 of the game it was 22-24.

And at the worst moment, the EON rose again from its ashes and showed its strength to go up four with goals from Feutchmann and David Jiménez. The more the Trops Málaga pressed, the better EÓN Horneo responded. At the same time that Pavel was growing in goal with saving saves and preventing the seven meters in favor of the Malaga players from entering.

With three remaining to go, TROPS Málaga managed to get closer and at the Los Olivos College Pavilion there was a heart attack ending. In the absence of 1 minute the locals were only one below. Now yes, fortune, the one that comes out when you work, was on the side of the EON and wanted the ball to go to Alicante in the last seconds. So the end was reached with 30-31 on the scoreboard. Full of victories away from home, which makes EÓN Horneo the best away team in the group.

30. Trops Málaga: Oliva (l.), Curro Muñoz (1), Leonel (7), Zapico (1), Alberto Castro (4), Consuegra (3), Armada (3) – starting seven -, Pablo Fernández, Kahr, Melgar (8 ), Palomeque (1), Gavañach (p.), Portela, Vidal (2), Soler and Paya.

31. Eon Alicante: Miskevich (p.), Jiménez (6), Mancebo, Hernández, Ludwig (7), Lennon (10) – starting seven -, Martín (p.), Mirallave (4), Villar (3), Delgado (1), González and Moll.

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