Sunday, October 17

Epic trolling: Burger King mocked Eden Hazard’s absence with Real Madrid

This Wednesday the midfielder of Real Madrid, Eden Hazard, was diagnosed with a muscle injury that will put him out of circulation for more than a month, causing the ridicule of one of the best-known fast food chains in the world.

It was through the social media account of Burger King España that the poisoned dart came out, when they shared a tweet that was originally published by El Chiringuito, in which the sports program mentions the player’s absence in training and asks: “Why haven’t you trained?”

Well the hamburger chain answered the question about the tweet: “2 × 1 and Burger King”, jokingly, going back to that time when the white club acquired the midfielder and he quickly gained weight to the point where people started making fun of him and to award him that his well-known taste for hamburgers was what made him look out of line.

And it is worth remembering that some still call him “Mr. Burger”, for an anecdote from 2011 that he himself has related, when was substituted at the end of the first half from a match against Turkey and preferred to leave the stadium to go with his family to eat his favorite craving instead of staying to watch the end of the game.

On a more recent occasion, when Belgium took third place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the midfielder gave the best game of his career and He celebrated his achievement by eating a hamburger in the dressing room.

Obviously, the Burger King thing was nothing more than a joke, since the official medical part of Real Madrid is that “Suffered a muscle injury to the left anterior rectus” reason why training did not finish and is “pending evolution”, as published by the club on its official Twitter account. According to the type of injury, it is speculated that could be out of business for more than a month.

This is the third time in the season that the player has dropped for a similar reason.

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