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Equality and the Interior explore “ways of reinforcement” against sexist violence due to the “increase in murders”

Meeting of the Ministers of the Interior and Equality, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Irene Montero, respectively

Meeting of the Ministers of the Interior and Equality, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Irene Montero, respectively

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, have met this Wednesday to jointly analyze ways to reinforce the protocols and tools against gender violence, “given the increase in murders in the month of May and the first fortnight of June.”

The department of Montero has reported that, at the meeting, the Secretary of State for Equality has also attended, Noelia Vera, and the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell. In addition, Grande-Marlaska has been accompanied by the person in charge of the Area against Gender Violence (VioGén), Maria Jesus Cantos, and the general director of Coordination and Studies, José Antonio Rodríguez.

Both ministers have agreed on the necessary priority of continuing to identify areas of cooperation and reinforcing all the appropriate instruments and tools for the protection, security and guarantee of the rights of victims of gender violence, included in the Law on Protection Measures against Gender Violence and in the State Pact against this scourge, as noted by Equality.

In this sense, remember that all actors and institutions involved in the fight against sexist violence are represented within the State Pact. For Montero’s team, this es the most effective mechanism to continue on the path of eradicating structural violence against women and with more emphasis on the protection of children who may be at risk from gender-based violence.

The Ministry of the Interior already established two weeks ago the reinforcement of the State Security Forces and Bodies with an increase in the provision of human and material resources for the fight against gender violence.

At the meeting, Grande-Marlaska and his team have detailed the operation of the VioGén System, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, which, with more than 36,000 specialized people, currently protects more than 63,000 women and their children. Since its inception, almost 639,000 cases of gender-based violence have passed through the system and around 4.8 million risk assessments have been carried out.

System improvements

In this sense, it indicates that, since June 2018, the system has been subject to a process of constant improvements: the strategic position of the fight against gender violence within the security policy has been recovered and the structure has been reinforced. police fighting gender violence with the reinforcement of national police and civil guards dedicated to this task in their specialized units.

The last reinforcement took place on June 3, when the Secretary of State for Security established a new increase in the endowment of human and material resources for the fight against gender violence in women. State Security Forces and Bodies.

The Ministry of the Interior has also been working for months on the implementation, scheduled for the next few weeks, of the Form Zero, whose objective is to take advantage of the testimonies of the family members or members of the social environment of a woman victim of abuse to generate police mechanisms for protection and help, even if she decides not to report her aggressor.

Improvement and modernization

For its part, Equality is working on the implementation of the Plan for the Improvement and Modernization of the mechanisms of care for victims of sexist violence, with the aim of reinforcing the State Pact and assessing where possible failures are occurring in terms of detection, prevention and protection of women victims of violence, to prepare a proposal for joint improvement with all the actors involved.

In addition, next week the transfer of 100 million euros to the Autonomous Communities and Cities for the financing of projects related to the fight against sexist violence.

Finally, Equality has reported that they will reinforce, with Interior, the coordination between both institutions for a better follow-up in the face of the emergency situation that the country is experiencing due to the rise of sexist violence. Both departments call on the whole of society to get involved in the detection and reporting of any case of gender violence.

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