Monday, April 15

Equality confirms that the murder of a woman in Navarra was the first sexist crime of the year

Is woman, 38 years old, She was found dead in the home she shared with her husband on January 10, after her family reported her disappearance, since they had not heard from her since the previous week.

The guard judge of the Navarran town ordered the arrest of the young woman’s husband who, according to the first investigations, fled to France without his mobile phone after allegedly committing the crime. In fact, it was located in the Gallic city of Boiseredon, six hours from Tudela, where he was arrested a day after the discovery of his wife’s body.

The victim, explains Equality, did not have minor children and had not filed any complaint for gender violence against the alleged aggressor, now detained.

This case thus becomes the first to rise to the fatality statistics by gender-based violence in 2022. In addition, it raises to 1,126 the number of women murdered by their partners or ex-partners since 2003, when these data began to be counted.

Call to administrations

After this confirmation was made public, the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, called through her Twitter account for the “joint work of all administrations” for “early detection” of this scourge, so that “all women have a way out to gender-based violence” and can “always arrive on time”.

In 2021, 43 women were murdered due to gender-based violence, although there are three other cases that are still under investigation, according to Equality. This is the year with the lowest number of fatalities from this scourge since they were recorded, behind 2020, in which they were recorded. 47 killed.

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The data from the Ministry warns, on the contrary, In addition, Equality has highlighted that last year there was an increase in vicarious violence –lto which it is exerted on women through their children— and the number of queries at the 016 service has also increased, both through calls, online queries and WhatsApp.

Influence of the pandemic

At a press conference, the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rossell, He has described the figures for 2021 as “positive”, although he has recognized that the Ministry does not want to “throw the bells on the fly”, nor are they “happy” with this situation, since it is about counting fatalities.

Regarding the possible causes of this drop, Rosell does not rule out that it continues to be a consequence of the situation generated by Covid-19. As he has recalled “if the abuser has the victim controlled 24 hours, he does not need, according to his macho pattern, develop more extreme violence” such as murder, so, although 2021 has not had a confinement like 2020, the country has continued throughout the year “in a pandemic”.

In fact, from Equality they have announced that this situation is being analyzed and that in 2022 a study will be presented on the possible influences of the health crisis on this scourge.

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