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Equality does not facilitate the contract of the ‘sexoaffection’ workshops for children nor does it clarify what will be done in them




The Ministry of Equality has avoided detailing essential aspects of the contract that he has signed to experience his controversial ‘sexual affective’ education Come in kids of Infantile and Primary, which includes, therefore, under 6 years of age. As ABC uncovered this Tuesday, the contract, which is close to 15,000 euros, has been awarded directly from the Women’s Institute to an association called ‘Sexducation Catalonia’who has also not attended ABC to explain what this experimental program that Equality has commissioned will consist of.

The content of contract has also not been disclosed. This newspaper has requested it from the communication service of Minister Irene Montero (Podemos), but it has not been provided. It is an essential document in any adjudication file for a public work or service.

But in this particular case it has not been published on the State contracting platform.

The text of the contract, an unknown

The contract formalization document usually incorporates data that allows knowing the keys of the service that has been awarded. As it did not appear on the State’s contracting platform, ABC requested it from Minister Montero’s communication service through an email in which, at the same time, this newspaper requested that it be detailed “what these workshops will consist of , what training content is going to be taught in particular». This question has not been answered either.

The detailed content of this controversial contract to experience ‘sex-affective’ education among young children is surrounded by secrecy, for now. The communication service of the Ministry of Equality has not revealed the activities that are going to be carried out with the children in these workshops, the training content of ‘affective-sexual education’ that is going to be imparted to them. Nor in which centers are they going to be carried out. According to the Ministry, because they are details that, despite being essential, have not yet been specified. “The educational centers in which it is going to be developed and the specific contents are being decided jointly with the entity to which it has been awarded,” they argue.

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Silence of the successful bidder

ABC has also tried to obtain this information from the winning entity, the Catalonia Sexducation Associationfounded and directed bysexologist Lupe García. This newspaper followed the contact procedure indicated on the website itself, communication by WhatsApp with the mobile phone number. The message was sent at 12:07 p.m. last Tuesday, without receiving a response. More than 48 hours later still no response.

Regarding why this ‘sex-affective’ education contract has been awarded from the Women’s Institute, which is the one that pilots this experimental program, Minister Montero’s communication service has indicated that “there is nothing strange”. “The Women’s Institute has an education area and has been developing different educational programs for decades,” they explain from the Equality leadership. “There is nothing strange that it is the Women’s Institute that develops this type of program with educational centers with which it has been collaborating,” they tell ABC.

‘Sex affectivity’ and abortion law

At the same time, they reiterate the position defended in this particular by Minister Montero: «Comprehensive sexual education must be compulsory at all ages. It is important that boys and girls are educated in good treatment and in having a life free of sexist violence»argues the team of the Minister of Equality to endorse the realization of these experimental workshops for children.

This pilot program for children’s ‘sexual affectivity’ has been contracted by the Ministry of Equality when the Government is still processing its project to reform the abortion law, a text in which Montero’s team has taken the opportunity to introduce affective-sexual education as an aspect compulsory at all educational stages. These pilot workshops will take place from September, at the beginning of the new school year, as confirmed by the Ministry.

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