Wednesday, September 22

ERC and the CUP finalize a pre-agreement for Aragonès to preside over the Generalitat

The ERC candidate, Pere Aragonès

The ERC candidate, Pere Aragonès

ERC and the CUP they finalize a pre-agreement for the investiture of Pere Aragonès, in which they bet on preparing in this legislature the necessary conditions to celebrate a new referendum, push a protocol against evictions and that the Mossos d’Esquadra stop using precision projectiles.

As announced by ERC in a statement, the preliminary agreement will have to be validated by the respective internal bodies, so the CUP has already called an open assembly for next Wednesday to decide on the document with the points that have been agreed with the Republicans.

In fact, while ERC assures that they are finalizing the pre-agreement, the CUP, in a message on their social networks, confirms that this pre-agreement on the political program of the next legislature has already been reached and that now they will have to decide it in an assembly.

According to ERC, the ERC and CUP negotiating teams have committed to preparing the “necessary conditions” throughout this term to carry out a “new democratic onslaught, preferably in the form of a referendum” on independence, while the Republicans’ commitment to a “negotiation process to democratically resolve the conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish State is maintained.”

ERC and the CUP are closing this preliminary agreement while the Republicans also hold negotiations with JxCat to form a Government after the elections of last 14F. In fact, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs (JxCat), this Saturday opened the door to move the date of the full investiture, which should convene at the latest on Friday, March 26, ten business days after the constitutive session of the chamber.

According to ERC, the defense of The right to housing is one of the main aspects claimed by both parties, not only to respond to the “housing emergency” immediately, but also to generate a “change of model” in the medium term. In this way, both formations see it necessary to promote a Catalan legislative agenda on housing and, at the same time, update the protocols to avoid evictions of people at risk of vulnerability.

The preliminary agreement that ERC and the CUP finalize also gives relevance to health policies, since both formations defend the reinforcement of primary care to place it at the center of the public health system, with the aim of achieving 25% of the Generalitat’s budget for the Department of Health.

The text of the pre-agreement between republicans and anti-capitalists also intends to introduce changes in the management of public order in Catalonia, so both parties defend that until the new protocols are published, the use of precision projectiles by the police forces in Catalonia is suspended. ERC and the CUP, who believe “essential” a change in police actions In terms of public order, they have agreed to implement a parliamentary commission to study the public order model in Catalonia.

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