Tuesday, January 19

ERC calls for the resignation of Josep Costa for “whitewashing the extreme right”

Josep Costa, in file image.

Josep Costa, in file image.

The president of the parliamentary group of ERC, Sergi Sabrià, has called for the resignation of the first vice president of the Parliament, Josep Costa, one of the main positions of JxCat, for “whitewashing the extreme right”.

From Twitter, Sabrià has echoed a controversial telematic meeting held yesterday Thursday in which, in addition to Costa, representatives of various independence groups, including some minority forces from extreme right, in order to explore the possibilities of forming a unitary electoral front of the pro-independence party of the unilateral way.

The presence of representatives of extremist groups such as the Front Nacional de Catalunya or Força Catalunya -a formation led by Santiago Espot- together with Costa has generated multiple rejection reactions on social networks.

“Whitening the extreme right: red line. Resignation”, Sabrià wrote in reaction to the meeting.

The also ERC deputy in Parliament Jenn Díaz has reproached Costa for his participation in that meeting: “Is the extreme right a valid interlocutor if it is pro-independence? Not for me.”

For his part, the ERC spokesman in the Barcelona Provincial Council, Dionís Guiteras, has made fun of the fact that the meeting has transcended: “They have caught us with the ice cream cart! When will you stop making a fool of yourself, Josep Costa ? “.

The vice president and spokesperson for JxCat, Elsa Artadi, has come out of the controversy to underline that Junts per Catalunya “has not attended this meeting, no member of the leadership or anyone authorized by the party.”

“JxCat does not participate in meetings with xenophobic parties,” Artadi stressed from Twitter.


For its part, Costa has apologized this Friday to JxCat and its candidate to the presidency of the Generalitat, Laura Borràs, in case their presence in a controversial meeting in which representatives of extremist groups participated could “harm” them.

Considering the commotion caused, Costa has given explanations from Twitter: “Anyone who knows me knows that I would never go to any meeting with ultras. If I had known yesterday that they would be there, I would not have connected. If at first I had heard who the people present were, I would have disconnected. I entered in good faith, like other people who deserve all the respect. ”

People I know invited me, and I had no reason to be suspicious. They wanted to talk about joining forces to defend the 1-O mandate. According to what they told us, they had invited all the pro-independence parties. I always made it very clear that I was only entering in a personal capacity “, he assured.

Before the accumulation of reactions that this episode has provoked, Costa has expressed his regret: “I apologize to JxCat, Laura Borràs and all the colleagues of the Parliament if they consider that this incident could harm them. I will continue working in good faith to achieve independence of this country and to regain the sovereignty of our Parliament. ”

The CUP deputy in Congress, Albert Botran, has urged Laura Borràs to “disavow” Costa because “with xenophobic groups you do not have to share anything. They disguise their hatred of difference as radicalism. Don’t be fooled.”

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