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ERC wants to sneak compensation to Morocco for the Rif War into the Memory law




The separatists of Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) They intend to take advantage of the Democratic Memory Law to strain compensation to Morocco for the Rif War. This is stated in the amendments you have submitted to the bill
that the Congress processes and that has as a temporary purpose the period that goes from the beginning of the Civil War (1936) until the promulgation of the Constitution of 1978. The warlike conflict of the Rif, however, took place in the first quarter of the century XX, until 1927. There is no temporal coincidence between the Law of Memory and the Rif War, but ERC intends to embed it through an additional provision.

This armed conflict lasted 16 years in a row, but

the ERC amendment only takes into account the last five. The confrontations between the Rif rebels and the Spanish troops escalated when Spain assumed the protectorate of the northern fringe of present-day Morocco and they lasted until 1927. But the ERC amendment only talks about the period 1922-1927. Not a trace of the above, which has a gross practical consequence: The Annual Disaster (1921), the massacre of 10,000 Spaniards, is ignored and left out. at the hands of the rebels of the Riffian leader Abd el-Krim, without which it is impossible to understand the subsequent counteroffensive.

That contest lasted 16 years, but only the last five and the use of chemical weapons by the Spanish Army count in the ERC amendment

In addition, the ERC amendment takes the opportunity to charge against the Monarchy for that war, expressly and solely blaming King Alfonso XIII. And it only condemns the operations carried out by the Spanish Army, for having used chemical weapons.

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With this argument, he wants to oblige the Government by law to proclaim and assume “the responsibility of the Spanish State” for that war. And that this entails the recognition and payment of compensation both to Morocco and to people of Riffian origin.

“Historical debt”

“The state [España] will contribute, within the framework of Spanish-Moroccan cooperation, to the repair of collective damages, to the compensation of historical debt through an activation and increase of economic and social cooperation plans aimed at the whole of the Rif territories and, especially, in the provinces of Nador and Al Hoceima ”, reads one of the points that ERC wants to introduce in the future Democratic Memory Law. In addition, due to the use of chemical weapons in that war, it also demands that the Spanish Government provide Rif hospitals with “health units specialized in cancer treatment.”

At another point, ERC advocates assuming compensation for the civilian population of Rif: “The possible individual economic compensation that can be claimed for the damage caused will be studied,” he says.

“Acts of reconciliation”

Likewise, he wants the Democratic Memory Law to move Spain to organize “acts of reconciliation, fraternity and solidarity with the victims, their descendants and the entire population of Rif, as a way of expressing the request for forgiveness.”

ERC also wants the law to force a review of the stories that appear about the Rif War “in museums, monuments, barracks, textbooks, military manuals, etc.”, in order to favor – it says – “historical truthfulness.”

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