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ERC “would not understand” the absence of Sánchez at the dialogue table

The deputy general secretary and spokesperson for ERC, Marta Vilalta.

The deputy general secretary and spokesperson for ERC, Marta Vilalta.

ERC spokeswoman Marta Vilalta warned this Monday that “I would not understand” the absence of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, at the meeting of the dialogue table on Catalonia, scheduled for the middle of this month.

Vilalta has assured in a press conference that ERC “works” so that the dialogue table has the “maximum representation” on the part of both governments and, therefore, not only the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, but also Pedro Sánchez attend.

“We would not understand anything other than the presence of the two presidents”, stressed Vilalta, who considers that this “negotiating table to resolve the political conflict between Catalonia and the State” has been “one of the greatest successes of the independence movement”.

Vilalta has guaranteed that Aragonès “will be” at the meeting, in which “there must be the highest representatives of each government”, because what they have in their hands “is very fat.”

In addition, it has dropped that a failure of the dialogue table would have consequences for ERC’s position in Congress.

“If the negotiating table were closed,” he warned, “it is evident that it would be much more difficult to be able to work to seek possible agreements” on issues such as State’s general budgets, the laws in process in the Courts or the Bilateral Commission. “They are parallel processes,” he insisted.

JxCat believes that the presence of Sánchez is “essential”

On the other hand, the JxCat spokeswoman, Elsa Artadi, has stated this Monday that it is “essential” that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, attend the meeting of the dialogue table scheduled for the week of September 13 since, otherwise, it would show that it “despises” the table and the Generalitat.

In a telematic press conference, Artadi pointed out that Sánchez’s presence would show “that he has a minimum interest in making the space work”, because the “debate” about his attendance “does not help to resolve the conflict.” Thus, has demanded “clarity” from the Government to say whether Sánchez will attend or not and if the table “will meet or not” the week of the 13th.

And he recalled, in this sense, that Sánchez did attend the first meeting of the table held on February 26, 2020: “Since then he has been looking for excuses.”

“We have to wait to see what the Spanish Government decides to do, which day after day, through statements, is questioning and endangering this instrument. It is they who are weakening this instrument“, Artadi pointed out.

Even so, he has not wanted to advance what the independence movement as a whole should do if the President of the Government does not finally attend the meeting: “It will be done the moment it materializes “. The also vice president of the party has said that Sánchez’s reluctance to participate shows his interest “in chronifying the conflict.”

On the other hand, Artadi explained that the Junts will decide which members will be part of the Catalan delegation based on whether Sánchez attends or not, the agenda and when the dialogue table will meet. “The composition is open and is conditioned to when, what and who,” he summarized.

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