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ERC’s message regarding Pere Aragonés’ visit to Ximo Puig




Ximo Puig This Wednesday it resumes relations at the highest level with the Catalan Government after a few years of hiatus caused by the independence process. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana receives his Catalan counterpart in the capita del Turia, Pere Aragonés, then leader of ERC. Despite the residual support given by the polls to separatist theses in the Valencian Community, EPRV, a subsidiary of Esquerra, maintains its postulates, summarized in the mouth of its president, Josep Barberá, that «the dichotomy has never been whether Valencian Country or Catalan countries. The dichotomy has always been whether Valencian Country or Spain ».

In this regard, a poster published by ERPV, Esquerra Valenciana and the Republican Youth, makes it clear: “The Valencian Country is not Spain.”

In fact, in full effervescence of the separatist process in Catalonia, ERC did not hide its desire to add the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands to the secessionist drift, which the imaginary of the independentists frame in the so-called «Catalan countries».

In this context, on the eve of the 9/11 and the vindictive acts of the illegal consultation of October 1, 2017, which as ABC progressed this year spread to the Valencian Community, Pere Aragonés pays a visit to Ximo Puig.

Among the entities that support the sovereign thesis is Cultural Action of the Valencian Country (ACPV). habitual beneficiary of subsidies from the Generalitat of Catalonia. Among them, the one used to pay the mortgage on its luxurious headquarters in Valencia.

A «Mediterranean commonwealth»

The socialist leader has been in favor in recent months of the creation of a kind of «Mediterranean commonwealth » to defend common economic interests. Ximo Puig offered last December in Barcelona a «Catalan-Valencian alliance» to «reinvent Spain» and later met with Aragonés, then Vice President of the Generalitat of Catalonia ».

In this regard, the Valencian president explained this Tuesday that beyond the ideological discrepancies with his Catalan counterpart, he will try to find points of agreement. Among them, the one relating to a new regional financing model, for which Ximo Puig has both Aragonés and the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno, of the PP.

As explained Ximo Puig, there is “a referential issue” which is “the change in the financing system” and the Generalitat Valenciana wants Catalonia to “participate in this multilateral space” because it is “necessary to attend to the maximum number of voices”.

In this sense, he has commented that there are “some initial questions” that they “share” such as that the “fundamental” criterion of the reform is the population. “We probably will not agree on the development, but what it is about here is not to create spaces for confrontation, but rather that the autonomous state that guarantees the Welfare State is sufficiently financed and that there is justice in redistribution ”, he stated.

The President of the Generalitat has defined Catalonia as “a neighboring community with which we have many traits in common that, added together, can help us as Valencians.”

However, the visit of the ERC leader to Valencia has raised criticism from the popular, which disfigures Ximo Puig the “love and obsession” of the Generalitat Valenciana to “always help the interests of Catalonia”, as denounced by the president of the PPCV, Carlos Mazon.

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