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Eric Adams launches mayoral general election campaign with De Blasio’s backing

Eric Adams launches mayoral general election campaign

Photo: Courtesy: Eric Adams / Impremedia Campaign

There are exactly three months until New Yorkers choose who will be the next mayor of New York City, and the Democratic nominee, Eric Adams, a wide favorite to win, officially launched his campaign on Monday, ahead of the elections November 2 generals.

With a clear message in which he has said, incessantly, that your number 1 priority will be to bring New York back to safety and warn that he will fight against the Democratic Socialist movement in the United States, Adams He met in the City Hall to rev up his engines and confirm in 90 days the victory he received in the primary elections, and thus become the second African American to lead the reins of the Big Apple. David Dinkins He was the first black mayor of New York, between 1990 and 1993.

In the general election, the current Brooklyn Borough President must be measured against the Republican candidate, Curtis Sliwa, and 8 more rivals, including the socialist Catherine RojasAlthough due to the large Democratic majority that dominates New York voters, Adams seems the virtual winner.

During the announcement of his general campaign, Eric Adams was accompanied by more than fifty political leaders, as well as activists and representatives of organizations and unions that have expressed their support, including Federal Senator Chuck Schumer, Congressman Jerrold Nadler , the former mayoral candidate and her ultimate opponent, Kathryn García, and the current local president, Bill de Blasio, who jumped into the ring to support the ex-policeman.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the support of so many leaders from all corners of the city. This is an incredible demonstration of unity. We may not all agree on everything, but there is one thing we can all support: this city should be run by a Democrat who puts workers and struggling New Yorkers first, and they better believe that person is me. ” said the Democratic candidate, calling for unity.

“This is not going to be my meeting place,” added the mayoral candidate, referring to the fact that the Municipal Government headquarters will not be the only place where he thinks he will be if he wins the elections, but rather that he will seek to have satellite offices in all cities. districts.

After expressing your public support, Mayor Bill de Blasio highlighted that Eric Adams He is a committed person who truly feels the needs of voters and non-voters.

“I have seen the way he understands the lives of our people and feels it deeply,” said De Blasio. “This is a guy who is sorry, who knows it, who is going to do something about it. I’m here to endorse Eric Adams because I believe in him ”.

The Former mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia he also declared your full endorsement of Adams, and asked voters to go to the polls in November to demonstrate for the former Albany legislator.

“This is a critical time for New York City and we must prioritize recovery from the pandemic for all New Yorkers, address long-standing inequalities, and build a city that is stronger than ever for our future,” Garcia said. “Eric Adams has dedicated his career to serving New Yorkers and democratic leadership in the City Council is essential at this time to move our city forward. I encourage all New Yorkers to support our Democratic mayoral candidate, Eric Adams. “

Adams also received support from groups such as CWA District 1, CWA Local 1180, RWDSU, NYSNA, Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York, Local 79 and 100 Black Construction Workers.

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