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Eric Adams’ plan to use photos in hiring will only create more discrimination

Shortsighted people sacrifice a long-term vision for immediate results and often can’t see the consequences they’ll produce. As progressives claim to want to right the wrongs of the past, in many ways they’re creating pathways to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Politicians are notoriously shortsighted, willing to sacrifice the people they represent and even their own moral framework to ride the wave of a present-day trend that ultimately leads them into a political abyss.

Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly requesting photographs of potential City Hall hires in an effort to employ a more diverse staff — creating worries that the administration is overemphasizing the importance of a candidate’s race and ethnicity vs. merit. One official even stated they were verbally told that Adams wants agencies to hire people who “reflect the constitutions we serve.”

Adams’ shortsighted desire to please the present-day progressives in New York City prevents him from seeing how his methodology of racial selectiveness can easily be used against people who look just like him in the future.

Worse, Adams’ hubris will keep him from understanding how he’s creating a precedent for the government to increasingly make decisions or even create policies with the primary objective to reward or punish someone based upon an individual’s race.

Today, the objective is to elevate the perceived misfortunate “people of color” in New York City, but what’s to prevent a white mayor 30 years from now who wants to course-correct and bring a balance of opportunities for the previously discriminated-against white people? How would we feel if government employees pushed aside applications because the new standard of a required photo includes a black face?

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In a city where the white population is the largest demographic, what if this future mayor decides to hire specifically white people to reflect the constituents he or she serves? Would that mayor have a legitimate case to say it’s necessary because of discriminatory practices the Adams administration started?

Eric Adams and other seemingly well-intentioned progressives are too ideological and myopic to understand that they are creating a future world of tit-for-tat identity politics where we are constantly attempting to rebalance our society by committing the same illogical practice as the very people we are criticizing from the past.

Adams is acting like a firefighter who believes the only way to extinguish a house fire is by adding more fire to it. The solution to previous discriminatory practices isn’t to implement different discriminatory practices — it’s to eliminate the practice altogether.

Progressives believe we must force discrimination to fix previous discrimination because they don’t believe the very people who were discriminated against can excel without compelling successful outcomes. Adams, based on his recent actions, does not believe that minorities within his city can compete against their white counterparts on merit even for his own administration.

There is concern the push for diversity at City Hall will significantly reduce representation for other groups.
New York Post / Kevin C. Downs

If there are legitimate policies, practices or actors within city government that are specifically discriminatory against racial and ethnic minorities, then it’s Mayor Adams’ job to get rid of them. One would assume there aren’t any — otherwise he would have done so.

Adams’ behavior of wanting to superficially select some and discriminate against others based on race or ethnicity is immoral no matter who he’s selecting or discriminating against. It’s antithetical to our modern American values.

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If we don’t criticize the actions made by governments like this to manufacture demographic changes with the lofty goal of “diversity,” we’ll contribute to normalizing the use of governmental institutions to set policies or practices that overtly act discriminatory without repercussions, paving the way for a more modern version of the “separate but equal” doctrine where the government can attempt to pick the winners and losers in our society.

But if any American is discriminated against, we all lose. Major Eric Adams has lost sight of this.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing.

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