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Eric Adams talks plan B with NYPD if federal government doesn’t stop illegal guns

Eric Adams talks plan B with the NYPD if the federal government does not stop illegal weapons and Senator Gillibrant talks about the bill

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Eric Adams still depends on the general elections of the next november to become the next mayor of New York City, but he has between eyebrows to curb gun violence, which so far this year has increased by 29%, according to police data.

This is what the political leader revealed once again this Monday, after meeting at the headquarters of the Brooklyn County Presidency with the federal senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who after unsuccessful attempts, announced the reintroduction of a bill in the federal Congress, which seeks to make illegal arms trafficking a federal crime.

Adams made a call to congressmen in Washington to give the green light to the project “Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Gun Trafficking & Crime Prevention Act”, named in honor of two young women murdered in New York and Chicago, which would allow interstate authorities to take punitive measures against the illegal arms trade.

It is estimated that in New York the 90% of weapons with which most crimes are committed are illegal and come from other states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Florida that have less strict laws than in New York, said Senator Gillibrand, who saw with great concern that each year in the state they lose life ones 800 people shot.

In Brooklyn alone, 306 people have been shot so far this year through the date, think about it, ”said Adams, who last week met with President Biden and Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss gun violence. “Those families will never be the same again. The people connected with the victims will never be the same again. “

The Democratic mayoral candidate added that gun violence is affecting disproportionate to black, Latino and poor communities, which he described as “unacceptable”, and assured that although federal measures are urgently needed, it is also necessary that municipal actions be taken with the police, something that he assured to do to reach the Mayor’s Office.

“As my mother used to say, you have to have a plan B, and if the bill does not pass (in Washington), we have the NYPD, one of the best police officers that has proven to serve to lower crime, as it happened in the trains, that we put more police officers and decreased crime, “said the president of Brooklyn. “We have a police department to which I am going to give tools and support to control the arms crisis.”

Adams, who mentioned that there are schools in the city, where 8 out of 10 students know victims Due to violence they have suffered the impact, he stressed that it is necessary to work with an integrated vision between prevention and intervention, but he warned that those who refuse to put violence aside must be treated with the full weight of the law.

“I myself have met with some of the most violent gang leaders in the city, I have sat behind closed doors to ask them how we can make them put down their weapons, how we can stop the violence and stop the war… we have talked about the needs , talked about what we have to do: jobs, train people in jobs. We have a real desire to show that there is a way out, ”Adams said. “There is a choice: go out, be part of the city or use the criminal system to get them out. I will not allow my city to be a place where violence is the norm ”.

Curtis Sliwa was not invited to the Eric Adams lecture, but arrived outside the Brooklyn Presidential headquarters

Following the press conference between Adams and Senator Gillibrand, the Republican mayoral candidate appeared, Curtis Sliwa, who, although he said he supported the federal bill to criminalize arms trafficking, assured that this will not solve the serious problem that exists in New York with violence.

“We have to look at the local aspects to end the shootings and it will not necessarily happen with what the federal government can do,” said the Republican, who demanded that the current De Blasio Administration to immediately reinstate the old Crime Unit in the NYPD streets, with the increase of police officers who are dedicated to making a presence in the streets and requisitioning cars, places and even being in the vicinity of warehouses to confiscate weapons.

“We have to have that unit dedicated to drawing weapons and we have to activate it right now, not wait for next year with the new mayor. We have to quadruple the number of police officers dedicated to taking out weapons, stopping gang activities. There are 2 million guns in New York and I do not ask that they go to all the doors to look for them, but we can prevent more violence by reactivating that unit, “said Sliwa, who also suggested the creation of a unit of prosecutors dedicated only to prosecuting crimes with weapons, which is uniform in all counties . “Police officers are already trained to carry out inspections, confiscate the weapons and arrest the gang members, but they (the detainees) must assume the sentence of 3 and a half years deprived of liberty for this crime, which is not being carried out ”.

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