Wednesday, August 4

Errejón opens to agree with Cs to avoid a PP government with Vox

An image of Íñigo Errejón at a press conference.

An image of Íñigo Errejón at a press conference.

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, extended his hand to Ciudadanos on Tuesday to be part of a pact “without red lines and without vetoes” in the Community of Madrid to avoid a PP government with Vox.

Errejón has confessed “astonished” due to the position of the PSOE candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, of not agreeing with the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, by assuring that in the face of “the moment of extreme gravity” in the Community of Madrid, no one can be dispensed with.

The veto furnace is not there. We must understand with all those who are willing to have a decent and democratic government in the Community of Madrid, “the leader of Más País warned at a press conference in Congress.

In this alternative to an eventual alliance between PP and Vox headed by the current president, Isabel Díaz AyusoErrejón has advocated including “without any sectarianism” to “everyone who is willing to add”, including Cs.

He recalled that Más Madrid already proposed an agreement to the orange formation in June 2019 at the beginning of the legislature, but Ciudadanos rejected it. “Would we do it again? Yes. We are going to try a government without red lines and without vetoes for the whole of Madrid,” said the deputy from Más País, for whom “the only vetoes are the corrupt and the ultras.” .

Ask for a holiday on May 4

Errejón has asked the Government to declare a holiday on May 4 in Madrid so that the regional elections can be held with “full guarantees and security” and the right to participation is facilitated.

In his opinion, on the threshold of a fourth wave of the pandemic, it is necessary that the elections be held with “all normality” and that citizens “can vote with full guarantees, with equality and security.”

By continuing in a state of alarm, Errejón has considered that it should be the Executive of Pedro Sánchez that adopts the measure of declaring it a holiday. At the moment, May 4 is a working day, although the Community of Madrid has agreed that there are no classes in schools.

Regarding Gabilondo’s proposal that, if he were president, he would not raise taxes in the next two years, Errejón has also disagreed, defending that the richest should be raised. “That is not raising taxes on Madrilenians”, The leader of Más País has pointed out, for whom it is necessary that those with higher incomes, which he has estimated at 1 percent of Madrid, pay more in order to have quality public services.

Errejón has proposed that the new hospital in Madrid, the Isabel Zendal, become a clinic for rehabilitation and long-term patients. “You have to build a real hospital and not just a television set,” the Madrid deputy censored before the project designed by Díaz Ayuso.

The PNV spokesperson in Congress has also referred to Gabilondo’s veto of Iglesias, Aitor Esteban, for whom “the red line games before the elections are not politically very serious”.

The ERC spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has considered “bad business” for the PSOE to try to occupy “the space on the right” of Cs. “Gabilondo is playing Cs. He seemed like a right-wing man, maybe he is. If he wants to be right-wing, people will vote for the right,” said Rufián, who shared Errejón’s proposal that May 4 be public holiday in the Madrid region to facilitate voting.

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