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Escrivá plants social agents and derails the ERTE table




Once again, at the last minute and generating insecurity added to the day-to-day complex that many employers and workers already experience. The negotiation around what may be the last extension of the FOR HIM it was extended yesterday without closing any agreement. Yes, it was evidenced, also once again, the distance between the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, with the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, and the social agents, businessmen and unions, who again traveled in the same boat in this crossing.

The novelty in the forms of the table came with the ‘sit-in’ of the Secretary of State for Social Security, Israel Arroyo, who did not show up for the appointment “schedule problems”, as confirmed by sources of the negotiation. Only the general director of the Treasury would have attended on the part of this ministry. Now several possibilities are open: that the Government approves the extension today without consensus, that it presents a new proposal first thing in the morning before the Council of Ministers or that a new extraordinary appointment be called before the 31st.

The conversations between Government, employers and unions They followed each other throughout the weekend, after ending without an agreement last Friday. And they resumed yesterday by telephone in the morning and in the form of a meeting starting at five in the afternoon to try to reach an agreement that, however, remained distant.

The stumbling block continued to be in the proposal of the Minister of Social Security to tighten the exemptions and limit the sectors that can benefit from them in the face of ERTE, while both unions and employers support not changing the conditions. Escrivá’s proposal has been a before and after in the talks and has slowed progress, so that in recent days even the Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, was in favor of extending the ERTE without further ado. “I think the unions have the same opinion: an extension is an extension, there are 20 more minutes with the same rules of the game and with the same ball, not with other rules and another ball,” CEOE President Antonio Garamendi explained yesterday. The leader of the businessmen harshly charged against the ‘marketing’ that the Government does with this protection mechanism: “It is incomprehensible that we are being presented with offers and not offers, this is not a market. It’s a serious negotiation, “he snapped.

However, the truth is that it is not a new debate, since the strategy of encouraging the activation of workers in FOR HIM It had already been put on the table by Escrivá, who has defended on several occasions that it is a strategy that was being followed with interest by international authorities.

However, in Spain the proposal has not been seen with the same eyes and both unions and employers have always defended the need to concentrate exemptions from Social Security contributions on workers who remain in the ERTE, not on those who leave . The current ERTE scheme establishes exemptions of up to 85% for ‘ultra-protected’ sectors and companies in its value chain, both for reinstated and suspended employees. In ERTEs due to impediment of activity, the exemptions reach up to 100%, and in ERTEs of activity limitation the exemptions are decreasing (between 100% and 85%) until May 2021.

Thus, lhe nearly 600,000 employees covered by this protection formula will live in the last days of May without even knowing what will be the framework that will regulate their situation starting next month. And that the extension until September of the ERTE was a negotiation that seemed on track for weeks as all parties agreed on the need to extend this system, but that became rare in recent weeks due to the proposals made.

“At the moment what we have on the table is not an extension of the ERTE. What we have is a proposal that limits the activities and exemptions to companies and freelancers. An extension does not mean changing the rules of the game in the 91st minute. I don’t know if it will go tomorrow in Minister council, or it will go on Friday to an extraordinary council, “said the vice president of CEOE and president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, yesterday morning at a Cepyme conference.

The truth is that neither the extension of the ERTE, nor the benefits for termination of activity have managed to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion. Without going any further, the extension presented by the Government at the social dialogue table leaves out of the benefit compatible with the activity to 90% of the 360,000 freelancers that they are currently charging it, calculates ATA, which claims to put the counter for months of benefits to zero. «Is the Government going to leave a worker in ERTE without collecting unemployment because they do not have a sufficient contributory period? No. Well, the self-employed either. That’s what we want, “Love abounded yesterday.

Added to this are the latest disagreements between the Executive and businessmen. The most recent, his support for a new business organization, Conpymes, which aspires to enter into social dialogue in the medium term and whose endorsement was staged last Friday through Yolanda Díaz herself and the same wife of the President of the Government, Begoña Gómez, who participated in the presentation ceremony as director of the extraordinary chair for social and competitive transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid. When asked yesterday, Amor stressed that the operation has a lot of “marketing” and “paraphernalia.”

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