Wednesday, August 4

Espanyol beats Castellón and crosses the league equator in the lead

  • The blue and white team, winter champions, adds a placid victory with goals from Melamed and Puado (0-2)

  • The defeat of Mallorca in Las Palmas and the postponement of the Almería game reaffirm the leadership perico

Half the job is done. He Spanish has crossed Ecuador this Sunday from the League and has done so by ratifying his leadership, thanks to a comfortable victory over Castellón (2-0) which confirms how Second winter champion. The path back to Primera was presented as an ordeal for the blue and white club, but the good progress of the team is turning it into something different, a kind of way to Santiago, of reflection and self-discovery, far removed from a penance for the sins of Last season.

The Second Division is long and often treacherous (let them tell Zaragoza, stranded for so many years and that last year the promotion was tied until the covid arrived), so it is not advisable to throw the bells to the flight, but in the middle of the way Espanyol is leader with three points ahead of Mallorca, who yesterday received against Las Palmas (0-1) the same medicine as the parakeets a week ago, and four on Almería, whom ‘Filomena’ prevented from disputing his commitment in Leganés. These three teams seem destined to fight for the two direct promotion places. Being third leads to a ‘play-off’ with an uncertain prognosis.

There was no other result that was not the victory against a Castellón in free fall. Espanyol is the best venue in the category and on Wednesday in the Cup they were able to rotate almost the entire team. Only Miguelón, Calero and Embarba repeated on the eleventh of Vicente Moreno, who despite Oier’s good performance had no doubts in goal: the Liga goalkeeper is Diego Lopez.

Gifts ‘orelluts’

Espanyol soon got the game back on track thanks to a visitor gift and the mischief of Nico Melamed. The black and white defense (this time franjiverde) was not fine to clear a lateral foul and the parakeet youth squad was attentive to, when the ball finally fell to the grass combed by Puado, quickly set up the shot and beat the goalkeeper (m. 7).

The goal brought out the ‘orellut’ pride, which tightened and glimpsed the tie on two occasions. Pedrosa first avoided the shot at Bocajarro from Zlatanovic and then Diego López made a save to the forward’s header from the small area.

Raúl de Tomás, who received the trophy for best player in December (Espanyol sighs because the winter market closes as soon as possible), missed a clear chance, but was redeemed shortly after with the 2-0 pass. Satrústegui’s clearance attempt bounced off Handful and entered the goal (m. 36).

The second half was a monologue of the parrots, who without giving full throttle could expand the score. Puado scored offside, Embarba, RDT and Pol Lozano lacked aim and Fran Mérida saw the ball being taken over the goal line in 89.

Data sheet

SPANISH: Diego López; Miguelón, David López, Calero, Pedrosa; Darder, Keidi Baré; Embarba, Melamed, Puado; Raúl de Tomás. Technical: Vicente Moreno. Changes: Melendo by Melamed (d. 64); Fran Mérida for Darder (d. 74); Wu Lei by Puado (d. 74); Vargas by Embarba (d. 87); Pol Lozano by Keidi Baré (d. 87).

It may interest you

CASTELLÓN: Álvaro Campos; Iago Indias, Gálvez, Satrústegui; Guillem Jaime, Arturo Molina, Sené, Marc Mateu; Fidalgo, Paolo Fernandes, Zlatanovic. Technical: Oscar Cano. Changes: Jorge Fernández for Fidalgo (d. 61); Juanto by Paolo Fernandes (d. 61); Rubén Díez for Zlatanovic (d. 61); Marc Castells for Gálvez (m. 83); Delgado by Satrústegui (d. 87).

GOALS: 1-0 (m. 7), Nico Melamed; 2-0 (m. 36), Puado.

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