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Espanyol from RDT defeats Cádiz and continues to be sweet

  • The parakeet team maintains the level exhibited against Madrid and prolongs its climb with the third consecutive victory at home. The striker shines in a duel with more than 15,000 fans in Cornellà.

The international break did not alter the game of Spanish, which he repeated before him Cadiz the excellent image offered against the Madrid to add the third consecutive home win (2-0). The doubtful start of the League in the return to the First Division has been forgotten. The blue and white are now sweet.

In the first meeting without capacity restrictions in Cornellà, more than 15,000 parrots enjoyed the solvent blue and white victory against a harmless Cádiz. The attendance figure is not bad at all in a monday night which is not usually too attractive. It shows that the parakeets are motivated with a team that now faces a friendly stretch of the calendar. The Elche, next Saturday, will be the next opponent and they will continue Athletic, Getafe and Granada, Proper tests to prolong the jump.

Loren, incumbent

The blue and white block followed the instructions of its coach and maintained the concentration of the last appointments. Feared Vicente Moreno a certain disconnection as it is a less glamorous rival than Madrid, but nobody relaxed, starting with Raúl de Tomás, the undisputed offensive beacon of the team.

The coach solved the losses of the Albanian Keidi Bare, injured with his team, and Aleix Vidal, that did not arrive on time, with a surprising twist in the eleven. David Lopez took the position of the pivot and Loren he was the one chosen to complete the attack. The former player of the BetisHowever, it started on the right, with Melendo behind RDT.

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In Cádiz, meanwhile, Alvaro Cervera, Always more aware of locking the door than taking the initiative, he lent a hand to the parrots, leaving his two best footballers on the bench: the talented Alex Fernandez and the veteran Negredo. He only resorted to them in the final stretch of the crash.

Darder’s inspiration

Commanded by an inspired Darder (The Spaniard again gave a lesson in clairvoyance), Espanyol dominated from the beginning, but it is always difficult to break the yellow bolt. Cádiz bases its successes on the solidarity and the effort, always playing with the lines very close together.

Pedrosa was the first who tried to crack the people of Cadiz with a distant shot that repelled a successful Ledesma. Darder repeated the formula with a shot after hat that did not surprise the Argentine goal either, ready to embitter the night for the locals.

The prize for persistence

After half an hour, RDT appeared for the first time on a pitch deflected by Haroyan that ended in the job (m. 32). The forward continued looking for the goal without fainting, but ran into a miraculous hand of Ledesma, yet another in a repertoire that ended up jumping through the air just before the break.

The insistence perica was awarded with a corner that David López touched first, then sent to the crossbar Loren and ended up finalizing, of course, RDT. The forward sealed his fourth goal in the league, all at the RCDE Stadium and all with 0-0 on the scoreboard, which corroborates their significance.

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Related news

He was able to extend his account after the break with a second goal canceled for offside. I do not care. Espanyol never suffered and Melamed certified victory with a lucky ball that deflected Chust.

Espanyol, 2; Cadiz, 0

SPANISH: Diego López (7); Óscar Gil (6), Sergi Gómez (6), Cabrera (6), Pedrosa (7); Darder (8), David López (6), Loren (5), Melendo (5), Embarba (7); De Tomás (9). Technician: Vicente Moreno (7). Changes: Nico Melamed (7) for Loren (d. 57); Morlanes (6) by Melendo (d. 56); Dimata (sc) by De Tomás (m. 86); Wu Lei (sc) by Embarba (d. 90); Rubén Sánchez (sc) by Óscar Gil (90).

CADIZ: Ledesma (7); Carcelén (5), Haroyan (5), Chust (4), Espino (5); Fali (4), Salvi (6), Jonsson (4), Alarcón (6), Nephew (5); Lozano (4). Technician: Álvaro Cervera (4). Changes: Álvaro Giménez (5) for Salvi (m. 60); Perea (6) by Fali (m. 60); Negredo (6) by Alarcón (m. 70); Álex Fernández (5) by Jonsson (m. 70); Calderón (5) by Lozano (m. 70).

GOALS: 1-0 (m. 45), De Tomás, from close range after a rebound in a corner; 2-0 (m. 65), Melamed, on a ball deflected by Chust.

REFEREE: Mateu Lahoz (5), Valencian.



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