Monday, November 29

Espanyol is put to the test in the great appointment of Griezmann

  • The Parakeet team, the only First and Second team that has not yet scored, is pursuing its first win against Atlético pending the re-release of the French star.

It is not the most suitable rival to break a bad streak, but a success against the champion it would have even more value. The Spanish, the only First and Second team that has not yet scored, is also pursuing his first win on his return to the top flight. After two draws against Osasuna and Villarreal, and the defeat in Mallorca, this Sunday (2:00 p.m.) receives the Athletic in Cornellà with the illusion of offering a meritorious victory to the long-suffering Perica fans.

It will not be the 30,360 spectators who attended, precisely, the fight against Atlético del March 1, 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic. That duel ended in a draw (1-1) in a campaign that ended with the decline blue and white to Second.

About 16,000 parakeets

This time there will be half as many parrots compared to that day. Expandingl capacity 40% allowed the club to respond to all requests received with a total of 15,548 entries. On the second day, with 30% of the approved capacity, there were 11,095 spectators against the block of Emery.

The spotlights will focus on Antoine Griezmann, that will be paired with Luis Suarez in his re-release with the red and white shirt after the express operation which was closed at the last gasp of the market. The Frenchman hopes to recover with Simeone the version that he exhibited in his time with Atlético and that he has also shown with his national team. Nothing to do with your poor performance with Barça.

«I found a Griezmann with a lot of desire to return to Atlético, very enthusiastic with the situation of returning to the team. I imagine that people it will demand of you as it demands of us daily, “said Simeone, who has a guarantee attack for a long course.

Defense problems

Parakeets chase the first great joy of the season. For this they need to sharpen their aim. Raúl de Tomás It has not yet been released and the team longs for its goals. The problems also reach the rear, where performance has been remarkable. With David López and Calero between cottons and Sergi gomez sanctioned, Vicente Moreno only has a 100% central defender:Cabrera. On the left side, Pedrosa still training with his splint, but could go back to eleven instead of Dídac.

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«You have to get it right and look for a Balance. If we look at the statistics we have generated many scoring chances, it is a question of them entering, “reflected the parakeet technician, who is expecting” a boiler “in Cornellà. The Valencian coach asked his players for “maximum concentration” to aspire to victory.

«I want a Espanyol dared»Added the coach, who highlighted the virtues of his rival. “Thatl main favorite to win the League. They are the champions, they already had a great team and a great coach. And now they have been reinforced, “concluded Moreno.

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