Friday, December 3

Espanyol stays dry against a forceful and effective Sevilla

  • The goals of En Nesyri and Rafa Mir knock down the parakeet, who failed to take advantage of Delaney’s childish expulsion.

  • The Blue and Whites played half an hour with one more, but they had no aim.

The Seville He showed again this Saturday that they are a tremendously difficult team to beat in their stadium (2-0). It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have a glorious soccer afternoon or that circumstances turn against him. The Andalusian team has a fantastic survival instinct, able to overcome everything. With that efficiency and forcefulness sealed the victory against a Spanish who had his opportunities and his moments to get something positive out of the Pizjuán. He did not take advantage of them and the strikers of Seville, In Nesyri and Rafa Mir, they certified the local triumph.

Espanyol returned to Seville a week later after miraculous tie achieved by Cabrera in the field of Betis. The parakeets added their first victory in their next match against the Alaves but they could not prolong that positive inertia against an always powerful rival in their stadium.

Three novelties

With the Real Madrid as the next stumbling block in Cornellà, it was interesting to add again, but Vicente Moreno He already warned the day before that to achieve the objective it would be necessary “Touch perfection.” The parakeet team did not fulfill that mission, which presented three novelties with respect to the starting eleven of the clash against the Vitorians.

Wu Lei, Aleix Vidal and Fran Mérida They appeared in the line-up, while Sevilla modified more than half the team. Up to six changes introduced Lopetegui, which has a magnificent wardrobe background. The former selector has wickers to bet on two equally competitive elevences.

Goal annulled to RDT

The outlook for Espanyol soon became complicated. Not even a quarter of an hour had elapsed into the game and he was already losing after a goal made in seville started with a beautiful hat Joan Jordan, an excellent midfielder trained in the blue and white quarry. Your pass to Suso finished with a center that finished point-blank But Nesyri. Verticality, depth and definition, three qualities that distinguish the Sevillian game.

The VAR did not validate a precious RDT Vaseline for offside, but the images were not quite evident

Espanyol was not daunted and Darder put to the test Bond with a missile before the controversial move of the duel. Raúl de Tomás took advantage of a far pass to score with a great petroleum jelly (m. 25). The VAR annulled the goal for offside, but the images were not entirely evident.

Out for clapping

Diego Lopez emerged to avoid the goal of his own Sergi gomez (m. 29) and kept Espanyol in the game ready to strike after the break. The Delaney’s infantile expulsion, who saw the first yellow for protesting and the second immediately for applauding (m. 65), further emboldened the parrots, but there was no way to score.

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The Catalan team was not fine up and Sevilla did not waste their moment to end the game with the striker Rafa Mir.

Seville, 2; Spanish, 0

Seville: Bonus (6); Navas (7), Koundé (6), Diego Carlos (5), Acuña (7); Rakitic (5), Delaney (4), Jordan (7); Suso (6), EnNesyri (7), Ocampos (5). Technician: Julen Lopetegui (7). Changes: Lamela (6) for Suso (d. 55); Fernando (7) by Rakitic (d. 55); Rafa Mir (7) for En Nesyri (d. 69); Rekik (sc) by Ocampos (m. 79).

Spanish: Diego López (7); Aleix Vidal (6), Sergi Gómez (5), Cabrera (7), Pedrosa (5); Fran Mérida (5), Keidi Bare (5), Embarba (5), Darder (6), Wu Lei (4); From Thomas (6). Technician: Vicente Moreno (6). Changes: Dimat (5) for Fran Mérida (d. 46); Melamed (5) by Wu Lei (d. 57); Loren (5) fear Embarba (d. 78); Vadillo (sc) by Aleix Vidal (m. 90).

Goals: 1-0 (d. 13), In Nesyri, from close behind Suso’s pass; 2-0 (m. 87), Rafa Mir, shot crossed with the left.

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