Monday, August 15

Espanyol suffers in the rain against a Regional rival

  • Loren’s triple put the parrots 0-3, but Solares did not give up and came close to taking the game into extra time.

The Copa del Rey he always brings curious and daunting images in his first rounds. It is the championship of the humble against the mighty, the appointment in which the most modest teams seek their glory day. The Spanish he has had more than one dislike in his premieres in a tournament that he conquered twice in this century (2000 and 2006). This Wednesday it was not long before the fiasco (2-3). He went 0-3 with a Loren’s triple but he trusted and was close to failing before him enthusiasm of the Solares, a club of the Preferential regional of Cantabria that ended up cornering the blue and white.

The municipality of Middle Cudeyo, with 4,000 inhabitants, dressed up to host the first game ever del Solares against an opponent of the highest category. At the stadium The station additional stands were placed and about 2,000 people challenged the cold and rain to attend the mourning of their lives.

Just a regular headline

Vicente Moreno left out of the list pillars like Diego López, Raúl de Tomás, Cabrera and Embarba. In the line-up arranged on the artificial grass of Solares, only one undisputed headline entered: Sergi gomez. Regular substitutes such as Calero, Dídac, Fran Mérida, Wu Lei and Loren had the opportunity to vindicate themselves. Who best took advantage of it was the tip given by him Betis, who scored the three parrot goals, the first two after assists from the Chinese (m. 14) and Melendo (m. 23) and the third penalty committed on himself (m. 50).

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With 0-3, Espanyol disconnected and the Cantabrians came up with the goals of Oslé and Quique. The goal Sampeiro avoided the perica sentence with two great saves and kept local hope alive in a stadium that sported a emotional banner (‘Always with us. Mario Canales and Dani Jarque’) in memory of the youth of Solares who died last February for a stroke and former captain parakeet, who died in 2009 of a heart attack.

Solar, 2; Spanish, 3

SOLAR: Sampeiro; Víctor Gómez, Raba, Oslé, Perrazo, Palacio; Viti, Diego Valdés, Bada, Pepo; Varus. Technician: Diego Santos. Changes: Rugama for Perrazo (d. 51); Rober Carral for Varo (d. 52); Quique Gutiérrez for Bada (d. 62); Solá for Pepo (d. 62); Madrazo by Raba (d. 68).

SPANISH: Joan García; Miguelón, Sergi Gómez, Calero, Dídac; Fran Mérida, Morlanes, Wu Lei, Melendo, Nico Melamed; Loren. Technician: Vicente Moreno. Changes: Keidi Bare for Morlanes (d. 46); Álvaro García by Sergi Gómez (d. 46); Svensson by Melamed (d. 53).

GOALS: 0-1 (d. 14), Loren, on a pass from Wu Lei; 0-2 (d. 23), Loren, after precious assistance from Melendo; 0-3 (m. 50), Loren, from a penalty; 1-3 (d. 75), Oslé, headlong; 2-3 (m. 82), Quique Gutiérrez, from a foul.

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