Sunday, January 29

Espanyol takes oil out of chaos

  • The Blue and White team come back twice against a Levante that has chained 25 games without winning in the League, the worst streak in history

  • Vicente Moreno’s team went ahead, rested on their laurels and with a double from Puado they ended up taking advantage of the mental fragility of their rival

The Spanish has played this Saturday with fire against him I raised (4-3). The Blue and Whites have added another three points at home (20 of their 23 have been achieved at home), but have bordered on failure against the bottom, who has been close to ending his incredible streak: 25 days without winning. Two goals from Puado, his first goals in the First Division, allowed the three points to remain in Cornellà, although until the 99th minute the victory was in danger.

Up to two times the granotas were ahead on the scoreboard, taking advantage of the disorder and the distraction of a Espanyol who relaxed after him Darder’s early goal, but who also knew how to squeeze in the second half and take advantage of the defensive and mental frailty of his rival.

Whistles to Embarba

The Mallorcan midfielder’s goal at 6 minutes (a cross shot from the front) heralded a quiet day, but it was just the beginning of a rollercoaster of goals and emotions that could have ended anyway. Far from collapsing by rowing against the current, the Levante found the cracks in the parakeet framework, especially on the right, where Aleix Vidal made waters in defense and Embarba (whistled when substituted) was inoperative in attack.

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The tie came, however, on the other side. Son he won the position to Pedrosa and connected a center that De Frutos, the best of the game with one goal and two assists, he finished at pleasure at the far post (m. 12). Both exchanged roles at 1-2: De Frutos entered as Pedro through his home from the left to center and Son easily headed back at the far post (m. 26). Coming to rest alive was the best news for Espanyol saved again by Diego López, which thwarted a heads-up of Morales with a magic foot and deflected a tight shot from the Commander.

RDT’s eighth goal

The Blue and Whites came out with another rhythm after the break, and immediately linked a great play culminated with a pass from Herrera from the baseline to Raúl de Tomás, who signed his eighth goal of the course (m. 49), the first after being called up with the national team. But the game had settled into chaos and a corner for Espanyol ended in a counterattack launched by De Frutos and culminated by Morales. Rowing again.

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Espanyol needed a hero and that was Handful, first by finishing with claw in the small area and then taking advantage of a bad clearance from Cárdenas to a shot from RDT to shoot and seal the comeback. But a crazy match deserved an end to match, and despite finishing with 9 for a red to Son and Mustafi’s injury, Levante still had a very clear chance in 99.

Espanyol, 4 – Levante, 3

SPANISH: Diego López; Aleix Vidal, Sergi Gómez, Cabrera, Pedrosa; Herrera, Morlanes; Embarba, Darder, Puado; Raúl de Tomás. Trainer: Vicente Moreno. Changes: Melamed by Morlanes (d. 62); Melendo by Embarba (d. 62); Bare by Herrera (d. 80); Loren by De Tomás (d. 89).

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I raised: Cardenas; They are, Mustafi, Vezo, Clerc; Of Fruits, Campaign, Malsa, Bardhi; Roger, Morales. Trainer: Alessio Lisci. Changes: Soldier by Roger (d. 69); Stonemason by Morales (d. 69); Melero by Campaign (d. 74); Coke by Malsa (d. 84); Pepelu by Bardhi (d. 84).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 6), Darder; 1-1 (m. 12), Of Fruits; 1-2 (m. 26) They are; 2-2 (m. 49), De Tomás; 2-3 (m. 57), Morales; 3-3 (m. 60), Puado; 4-3 (m. 76), Puado.

Referee: Cordero Vega, Cantabrian. Yellow cards: Herrera (d. 9), Embarba (d. 36), Aleix Vidal (d. 58), Campaña (d. 66), Mustafi (d. 68), Malda (d. 80), Bare (d. 81), Soldier (d. 86). Red: Son (m. 78).

Stadium: RCDE Stadium (15,193 spectators).

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