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Espanyol will invest 20 million euros in a second sports city

  • The blue and white club, one of the entities with the best quarry in the world, wants the new complex to be in Cornellá, as close as possible to the RCDE Stadium

  • The entity of ‘Mr. Chen ‘will take advantage of a quarter of the 80 million euros that he will receive from the LaLiga-CVC agreement to launch his project

Many believe it to be quiet, covered, conservative, discreet, traditional. Others judge him, after a year in the Second Division, as a recently promoted to First. There are those who qualify it as the ‘Mr. Chen ‘, as Daniel Sánchez Llibre affectionately calls the Chinese owner Chen yansheng. But the truth is that RCD Espanol de Barcelona, located in Cornellá-El PratIt is a restless club, that does not stop growing and that does not stop living its present intensely and planning, as best as possible, its future, in the short and long term.

Those who know about football, better still, those who make a living from the football industry, like Javier Tebas, President of The league, usually calls football, they say, with data in hand and with enormous forcefulness, that “if we define potential as the difference between what, at the moment, the club is and what it can be, Espanyol is one of the three Spanish clubs with the greatest growth potential ”.

A team of youth players

That is why Espanyol is one of the clubs with the best quarry in the world and, above all, with the clearest idea of ​​what their present and future should be like and where the footballers who wear their shirts should come from. In that sense, playing with the names that have emerged from that highly valued and fruitful Dani Jarque Sports City, the cradle of Spanishism, there are those who have built a team of small parrots: Pau Lopez (Rome); Pol Lirola (Fiorentina), David Lopez (Spanish), Eric Bailly (Manchester United), Aaron (Mainz 05); Joan Jordan (Seville), Marc Roca (Bayern Munich); Sergi darder (Spanish), Melendo (Spanish), Cucurella (Brighton); and Gerard Moreno (Villarreal).

It is not about a game, it is about certifying that the Dani jarque, In Sant Adrià de Besòs, It has nothing to envy to the farmhouse, ‘Factory’ of Real Madrid, Lezama, Dizziness and so many other cradles of young soccer players with projection. What’s more, Espanyol, which was recently champion of the Second Division and brilliantly achieved promotion to the First Division, had 52% of home players (14 footballers out of 27). That is the great value of the current Sports City, which will continue to cradle and rock children with a future.

And, not only that, this year nine young people have already entered first-team dynamics with Vicente Moreno: Joan García, Gregori Gràcia ‘Gori’, Aleix Gorjón, Omar El Hilali, Jofre Carreras, Antoniu Roca, Ángel Fortuño, Nabil Touazi and Alejandro Pérez. Keep in mind that Espanyol B has an average age of 19.31 years.

Economic injection

There is no doubt that pandemic, the COVID-19 and the economic crisis that affects the whole world has caused a lot of imbalances in the accounts of football clubs, hence the blue and white managers, who have never stopped pampering their quarry, are already preparing a shock plan to take a qualitative leap and quantitative in the sector where they have never ceased to be leaders: grassroots football, the quarry, their sports infrastructures. Not in vain are they one of the few clubs that have their own spectacular stadium and a model sports city.

But Espanyol wants more and that is why it has in mind, already well in advance, an important investment plan using a good part of the 80 million euros that, more or less, he considers that they will correspond to him in the LaLiga-CVC agreement. Of those 80 million, the club owned by Mr. Chen plans to invest about 20 million in the creation of a second sports city, ideally on land that it already has controlled in Cornellá, as close as possible to the RCDE Stadium, since, given the enormous limitations of Sant Adrià de Besos, it is impossible for him to expand the Dani Jarque, which will continue to be vital.

It is evident that the injection of 80 million euros, from LaLiga, will be used for many other things, such as, for example, launching a VIP’s experience in the stadium, achieving a more powerful electric unit in that venue and increasing ordinary income with new ideas and proposals. But, as required by the agreement with LaLiga, Espanyol has decided to use a quarter of that money in the purchase of new land in Cornellà and the construction of a second sports city, essential to share all the sports and training activities with the Dani Jarque.

Two butt installations

As EL PERIÓDICO has learned, the executive staff of ‘Mr. Chen ‘would have loved to study and make the dream of a macro and new sports city come true, with nine or ten soccer fields, but that idea, for the moment, is parked, although not ruled out, because nobody in the club wants conflicts with the Municipalities of Cornellà de Llobregat and Sant Adrià de Besòs.

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Everything seems to indicate that Espanyol already has controlled some land and, possibly, even approved its purchase, around its stadium. The new sports city would see its capacity reduced to four or five fields, one of which is intended to be a cute and functional ‘mini-stadium’ for the subsidiary and the women’s games to play there.

The new facility would share all the professional, subsidiary, female, quarry and training school activities with the current Dani Jarque. Between the two, we could even increase the expansion of the already more commercial school and campus-type activities and other lines of business, such as training agreements with other foreign clubs, both at the level of training promising young people and training courses for coaches, which At this time, they can only go drop-in to Sant Adrià. The increase of this type of activities will suppose important income for the Espanyol.

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