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Essential, inalienable and irreplaceable – Information

The well-deserved tribute in the INFORMATION Club to the Civil Engineer Manuel Lorenzo Pardo gives us the opportunity to recall in these pages some of the fundamental arguments that lead us to defend the Tajo-Segura transfer at all costs, as I have said on several occasions.

In the recent declaration of the Baix Vinalopó signed in the Elche City Council, which has led the mayors of the three towns in the region, Elche, Crevillent and Santa Pola, to sign a manifesto in defense of the contributions of flows to our fields, he defended some postulates that it seems appropriate to highlight.

Without the transfer, our agricultural sector and our crops, which are a basic part of our economy, are severely endangered

1. It is essential to make it clear that we are not facing any water war, nor do we want it.

We are not at war against Castilla-La Mancha or against the Government of Spain or against the Ministry for the Ecological Transition or against anyone. Unlike. We are committed to agreement and dialogue. For a great agreement that puts an end to so many episodes of disagreements that have been occurring for many years, whoever governs, between Castilla-La Mancha and the Valencian Community at the expense of water and transfer, governs.

We are convinced that there is enough water in the Tagus for Castilla-La Mancha and to transfer to the Segura, to our land. You have to do things well and have a global vision of the needs of the Tagus River and not only see the transfer as a problem.

One of the main issues that the Tagus has to solve is the lack of purification of Madrid’s wastewater, the improvement of which is key for the river. Therefore, an agreement is urgently needed to protect the transfer and its water contributions and solve the problems of the Tagus at its head.

2. The transfer means for Elche, Crevillent and Santa Pola, in addition to the 27 towns of the Vega Baja, life, wealth and employment.

The Tagus-Segura supposes economic dynamism, exports, quality agricultural products and maintaining activity in a strategic sector that has also provided us at critical moments with autonomy for the supply of basic necessities.

The transfer is essential for the Baix Vinalopó, for our crops and our municipalities. Essential means that without the transfer, our agricultural sector, our crops, which are a basic part of our economy, our culture, our tradition and our way of doing things, are seriously endangered.

We ask the Government of Spain not to adopt any decision that means reducing contributions and favoring dialogue

3. They threaten our urban supplies.

It cannot be forgotten that a good part of the municipalities of Vega Baja and Vinalopó drink from Taibilla. Reducing the contributions of the Tajo-Segura transfer means giving a significant blow to the contributions of water to our territory. 43% of the resources of the Taibilla came from the transfer in the last hydrological year. Essential is a qualifier full of content, both for agricultural development and for our daily lives.

4. If the transfer is essential because we eat and drink from it, it is essential, irreplaceable and inalienable.

And this is not a play on words, because we cannot do without it for the reasons given. It cannot be replaced by any other contribution and, therefore, it is absolutely inalienable, as we are proclaiming by the agrarian organizations, the town councils and the Generalitat Valenciana itself.

We have to make a fierce defense of what the transfer means for our regions and we must show that we reject the modification of the exploitation rules, we do not accept any decision that means reducing transferred flows, we are for a sustainable exploitation of the Tajo-Segura that does not involve cuts and, as we have insisted on numerous occasions, we do not reject desalination or reuse, they are alternative resources.

We are all advocates of efficient water use, but today neither desalination nor reuse is a viable and real alternative to water transfer.

5. Defending the Tagus-Segura is defending territorial cohesion, social cohesion, sustainable development and progress and well-being in the transferring basin, Castilla-La Mancha, and in the receiving basin.

We advocate for dialogue and agreement and we ask the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Government of Spain not to adopt any decision that means reducing contributions and that favors dialogue, negotiation and the search for an agreement that serves to shield the transfer and their contributions and to solve the problems of the Tagus in its head.

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