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Ester Martínez, new president of Elche Piensa

Ester Martínez, new president of Elche Piensa

The civic platform Elche Piensa has renewed its board of directors in the general assembly held on Monday 21 in person at the Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) and online participation by the partners. The new board was endorsed unanimously, being the only candidacy presented. This team is led by Ester Martínez Martínez, as president, who is accompanied as vice presidents by José Rizo Soler, Esther Guilabert Bordonado and Juan Pascual Sansano.

During the assembly, a balance of the year was made, in which the pandemic has marked the activity agenda, adapting face-to-face meetings to telematics. The attendees appreciated the important work done by the outgoing president, Fermín Crespo, whose work in the last two years has been decisive in consolidating the association and fostering a climate of dialogue in a group characterized by the desire to contribute ideas and experience.

Ester Martínez, an entrepreneur in the education sector, faces this new challenge with “enthusiasm and eager to continue working, continuing the line set by the previous board”, of which she was vice president. Among its objectives is “to promote this independent space for dialogue, where all associates contribute their talent and experience” in the different challenges faced by the municipality of Elche. “We want Elche Piensa to continue to be an open and tolerant space, both purposeful and vindictive, and with a diversity of views that add up, where we all work,” he adds.

The new president had words of gratitude for her predecessor, who “who has made the difficult easy and has added instead of subtracting, has done a commendable job, achieving a benchmark and pioneering platform.” He also wished him the best of success in the challenges he faces in his new career. Ester Martínez reiterated the objective of the platform to continue contributing “the experience and knowledge of the experts we have to work on projects that seek the common good and that contribute to making Elche better.”

The new board will relaunch the activity from January, resuming initiatives that have been parked this year due to the pandemic and launching new ones, face-to-face or elematic, through the reactivation of work commissions in different areas.

The new board of directors looks like this:

– President: Ester Martínez Martínez

– 1st Vice President: José Rizo Soler

– Vice President 2º: Esther Guilabert Bordonado

– 3rd Vice President: Juan Pascual Sansano

– Secretary: Beatriz Serrano Cecilia

– Treasurer: Esperanza López Moreno

– Members: Alejandro Maciá Mazón, Alfonso Huedo Ruiz, Diego Serrano Seller, Fermín Crespo Rodríguez, Gaspar Maciá Vicente, Rosa Gómez Blasco, Sol Segura Abad, Vicent-Miquel Sansano Belso.

In addition, from now on this team will be reinforced with the creation of a technical secretariat, which will be carried out by the journalist María Jesús Mora, who will also be in charge of communication and relations with the news media.

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