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Estrella Galicia will invest around 300 million to build a factory in Brazil

Estrella Galicia announces in São Paulo, Brazil, the construction of its second factory in the world.

Estrella Galicia announces in São Paulo, Brazil, the construction of its second factory in the world.

Estrella Galicia has announced the construction of a new brewery in Brazil, which will be located in the state of Sao Paulo and in which it will invest about 300 million euros, as reported by the brewery in a statement.

Specifically, the chosen place has been the municipality of Araraquara, in the state of São Paulo, where a supply of “excellent quality” water is taken for granted, something essential for the production of the Galician company’s beers.

The Estrella Galicia brewery in Brazil It will be the second of the company in the world after 115 years of history. The company will invest around 300 million euros in two phases of its construction, with the aim of installing a medium-term production capacity of 300 million liters of beer per year, to be executed in two parts of 150 million liters each.

250,000 square meters

Estrella Galicia will build its factory on a 250,000 square meter plot in Araraquara, 270 kilometers from the capital. This production center, which is scheduled to open in 2023, will be a sustainable factory model in the environmental sphere applying good practices and cutting-edge technologies to achieve the zero emissions objective through various measures such as the consumption of clean energy or hybrid vehicles, among others.

The CEO of Corporación Hijos de Rivera, the company that owns Estrella Galicia, Ignacio Rivera, has presented this project in São Paulo accompanied by local authorities.

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The governor of São Paulo, Joao Doria, presented at the Palacio dos Bandeirantes, official seat of the state government, the top executive of the Spanish brewery with the aim of supporting the launch of this industrial project that he defined as “key to the region”.

An image of the presentation of the Estrella Galicia project in São Paulo. File

400 jobs

Rivera has reaffirmed in his speech the firm commitment of the company with the community, which in this case will materialize in the creation of 400 jobs in the new facilities, that will be technologically cutting-edge in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment.

“The start-up of our factory in Brazil is a dream come true and a historical milestone for our company that We hope that it will decisively boost our future development in America. ” has pointed out.

For its part, Gustavo Diniz Junqueira, president of the Paulista Investment Promotion Agency, pointed out that the choice of Araraquara to host the first Estrella Galicia factory outside of Spain “shows the competitiveness of the interior of São Paulo in attracting investment.”

“400 new jobs will be created in the facilities, having a very positive impact on the economy of the region. In addition, another important point is respect for the environment. We are looking for São Paulo projects that develop their businesses in a sustainable way, which is what will guarantee the future growth of our economy, “he indicated.


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