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ETA prisoners renounce public tributes after leaving jail



The so-called Basque Political Prisoners and Prisoners Collective (EPPK, for its acronym in Basque) has issued a statement through the media close to the abertzale left ‘’ and ‘Berria’ in which it expresses the position of the ETA members imprisoned on the ‘ongi etorris’: «We want to be received in a private and discreet way, following the path taken in recent months.

Their intention, according to this group, is to put an end to public receptions for released ETA inmates and they undertake to limit receptions to “discreet” acts in “the private sphere.” “From now on, we only want receptions in a private space between relatives,” reads the text.

Ten years after the end of the violence, the group wanted to show its willingness to put an end to the tributes that ETA prisoners received when they left prisons in towns in the Basque Country and Navarra: «Through this statement, EPPK conveys our family, friends and colleagues, and Basque society, who wishes that the greetings that are made to us when we go out to the street be produced in a private and discreet way, following the path taken in general in recent months » , they affirm.

One of the reasons given by the group, according to the text, is the “pain” that the victims have expressed suffering when they have learned of the celebration of this type of act: “Beyond that, there are people who have honestly expressed that they feel pain with public ‘ongi etorris’. Are people affected as a result of the actions of our activists in the past and we understand that they may feel hurt “, recognizes the EPPK.

This decision, says the statement, has been taken after consulting with “our colleagues in Spanish and French prisons”, so that the “Joy to be released is shared with those who wait for us at the very door of the prison or with those who receive us in a discreet way.”

The EPPK assures that its intention is to promote “peace” and the “recognition of the suffering of others.” In addition, the prisoners have used this text to emphasize that “certain agents and parties” use these tributes to seek “irresponsibly confrontation instead of coexistence”, while, as they say, they do not seek to “feed any sterile controversy”, but rather “Act constructively and be responsible.”

«The steps taken in recent years have had a clear horizon on the way to overcome the previous cycle. We convey to the leftist pro-independence militants that this is our wish: we go together with them, facing the challenges of the future, to open up new opportunities and paths in the process of liberation of Euskal Herria. Until we achieve peace and freedom and put them on the same level, “the statement concludes.

In the last year, according to the Collective of Victims of Terrorism (Covite), more than 190 acts of exaltation of ETA prisoners have taken place in the Basque Country and Navarra.

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