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Eternals: First Trailer for Chloé Zhao’s Marvel Movie Released | Chloé zhao

The first trailer for Eternals, a new Marvel film directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao, has been released.

Zhao shot the film back-to-back with Nomadland, his elegiac drama about the people of the van in America, using the same camera and operating equipment. Such continuity has led many superhero-skeptical moviegoers to have unusually high hopes for an MCU movie.

The first promo clip for the film, set to be released in November, will cheer up both those hoping for a thoughtful change of tone for the studio, and Marvel purists eager for a project with due deference to the big fight. that has come before.

Jolie in Eternals.
Jolie in Eternals. Photography: Marvel Studios

The film takes place in the immediate aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, which left many of the series’ key players dead or unavailable to save the world. It revolves around members of an immortal alien race who have secretly lived fairly quiet lives (including as a Bollywood dancer and museum curator) on Earth, but who must now come together and use their varied superpowers for the good of humanity.

Angelina Jolie plays Thena, a warrior who can create any weapon from cosmic energy, while Richard Madden is Ikaris, the leader of the Eternals who can fly, shoot bolts of cosmic energy from her eyes, and has super strength. The film’s emotional engine appears to be Ikaris’s centuries of sexual tension with Sersi (Gemma Chan), who works at the Oxford Museum of Natural History and has the ability to manipulate matter.

The Eternals
The Eternals Photography: Marvel Studios

Other members of the gang include Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, the first deaf superhero in the MCU, and Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, the first openly gay superhero, whom we see with her husband and son. Also featured are Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Barry Keoghan, and Kit Harington.

Earlier this month, Marvel boss Kevin Feige was ridiculed after expressing surprise that Zhao could film landscape scenes without relying on visual effects. He said he had been surprised that Zhao spent time “really fighting for practical locations” and that, while showing Disney executives samples of the images, “he had to keep saying, ‘This is straight out of a camera; there are no effects! visuals for this at all! ‘

“Because it was a beautiful sunset, with perfect waves and fog coming up from the shore on this giant cliff, something really impressive.”

Although he had been among the executives who contributed to casting Zhao for the film, Feige said that it was only after watching Nomadland that he realized what Zhao had been up to.

Madden and Chan in Eternals.
Madden and Chan in Eternals. Photography: Marvel Studios

“Oh! That’s not just what I wanted to bring to Marvel; this is a signature style,” Feige said who thought at the time.

The first face seen in the Eternals trailer is that of an unfamiliar middle-aged woman, worn out on a dusty plain, an image that will be familiar to those familiar with her previous work.

The witty use of music like Skeeter Davis’ The End of the World furthers suggestions that the Eternals will mark a change in direction for the series, while the trailer’s humorous payoff harks back to the lanky self-reverence of the canon movies of Los Angeles. Avengers

Zhao became the second woman to win the Oscar for best director last month. Nomadland also won the awards for best film and best actress.


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