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«Etnia Barcelona» won the 36th Prince of Asturias Trophy in Class J80

Bayona (Pontevedra)



Out of a total of 80 registered in the 36th Prince of Asturias Trophy, held in the waters of Baiona from September 3 to 5, 2021; the fleet of monotypes has concentrated almost 30% of the total with 23 boats among which have come from Bilbao, Santander, Castro Urdiales, A Coruña and Portonovo.

The Monte Real Club de Yates had planned to hold new tests for the J80 Class, but as always happens in regattas, it is the weather conditions that decides; and the intensity of the wind was playing with the Committee at the time of giving the outputs during the three days of competition.

The first day was held during the afternoon of Friday, September 3, 2021, with a six-knot intensity wind from the northeast that was maintained during the celebration of the first three tests of this class in the 36th Prince of Asturias Trophy.

“Okofen” – skippered by Javier de la Gándara – won the first round, the “Spaco” by Santiago Estévez the second, and “Alboroto – Maui Jim” by Juan Ameneiro the third; generating a first provisional general classification led by “Alboroto – Maui Jim” with 9 points, followed by “Okofen” and “La Galera” – tied at 12 points – and in fourth place the “Etnia Barcelona” of Peru Múguica with 14 points.

Saturday, September 4, 2021, was the day of the second day, which also started late. The start of the first race of the day, the fourth of the regatta, took place at around 1:45 p.m. inside the Bay of Baiona on winds -wind windward with two upwind and two stern-, with a wind that moved between the W and NW. About ten minutes later, the first J80 turned the windward buoy to head downwind, where the group formed by “Okofen”, “La Galera”, “Alboroto – Maui Jim” and “Etnia Barcelona” would divide the positions in the three tests held.

“Alboroto – Maui Jim”, with partials of: 2, 6, 1, 1 and 7; it would click in the last test, the sixth of the regatta, at the time of the start. His crew tried to adjust to the extreme when crossing the starting line, but the bow of his J80 appeared before the honk and when the Committee had raised the “U” flag (penalty for leaving early) they were punished with a UFD -number points of all participants plus one – 24 points; a bad result that they have been able to rule out -the discards could be made after holding four tests- in the overall summation, leaving them with 17 points at the end of the day in fourth position, 5 points behind the leader «Okofen», 6 behind the second «Etnia Barcelona», and just one point from the third «La Galera».

The last day was Sunday, September 5, 2021, the J80 Class had 6 races contested and the differences in points in the general were minimal for the first. «Okofen» first with 12 points, «Etnia Barcelona» second with 13 points, «La Galera» with 16 points third and with 17 points «Alboroto – Maui Jim».

Necessarily the fleet had to wait again for the wind to pick up in the bay. After 13 hours a seventh race started, but it had to be canceled due to a wind role on the race course, at which point the «Alboroto – Maui Jim» was leading and that could allow for a possible victory in the 36th edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy.

Before four o’clock in the afternoon (the time limit for starting was 4:00 p.m.), after relocating the race course, the wind increased in intensity and all the crews were able to take advantage of it, in the case of «» that a third place was marked or the also Baiones «Cansino» skippered by Alejandra Suarez with a fourth. The winner was “Etnia Barcelona”, who accumulated a total of 14 points, second “Okofen” with 14 points, “La Galera” with 22 points and fourth “Alboroto – Maui Jim” with 25 points.

Juan Ameneiro, owner and rod of the «Alboroto – Maui Jim» has been the recipient of this 36th Prince of Asturias Trophy, but his optimism points towards greater goals as he has stated:

“Our balance has been positive in such an important regatta with 23 J80 monotypes, with a class that is already predisposing what is going to happen next year with the celebration of the Spanish Championship and in 2023 the World Championship in this bay. of Baiona.

We have started the regatta very well, finishing first on the first day. On Saturday, having roles, we clicked a bit. And on the last day of Sunday, in the first test of the day we started first, but it was canceled by a wind role. But in general our balance is very positive in everything “.

The importance of the fleet, its consistency, at the national level is increasing. At the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayonne there are already about 18 J80 monotypes. In La Coruña it is growing. And of course Santander. Clearly in Bayonne it has been consolidated, I think that in 2023 we will be in 25 boats.

The “Alboroto – Maui Jim” project for next season aims to refine a little more, to attend the Spanish championship. But logically we will try to compete in regatta in the Basque Country and Santander, which is where at the moment we are sailing with a higher level, which will allow us to improve performance and maneuvering on board and then play a worthy role in the Spanish championship; and also thinking about the 2023 World Cup.

Certainly our boat is fast, it has a good trim, also a good crew on board, that everything influences. We have been a year since we acquired the boat, of which we are very happy.

The rivals, in this regatta, have been the first four of the general classification, with very close numbers between them. Logically Javier de la Gándara is always there, he sails very well, he is very regular. The «Etnia Barcelona» of Peru Múguica has come from Santander, which is a very important patron. From La Coruña the «La Galera» by Miguel Fernández. And we must not lose sight of the Bayonne fleet, which at the slightest oversight can be in front of you.

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