Sunday, September 26

Euro 2021: Tactical trends, what’s coming and what’s going

Busquets celebrates one of the goals with Azpilicueta and Sarabia

Busquets celebrates one of the goals with Azpilicueta and Sarabia

This Eurocup several trends emerge increasingly consolidated in the face of football in the coming seasons.

Soccer tends to look more and more like basketball. The big games are decided in almost desperate offenses during the last ten minutes after long phases of careful mutual containment. In these final outbursts, the rearguards almost invariably lack suitable strategies.

Equalization. Any well-structured team of the considered second row is increasingly in a better position to stand up to any theoretically superior rival.

-Clear consolidation of defenses with three expeditious centrals. The preferably positional and passers have become a continuous risk, and our Pau Torres and Lenglet have shown it.

-Confirmation of the fundamental strategic value that the lanes as essential axes of almost every encounter.

-The well organized teams defensively From non-exceptional players but with a continuous sense of mutual aid they are in a better position than ever to surpass the great offensive stars of speed, personal ability and combinatorics.

-In general, the defensive innovations than those of overflowing closed defensive approaches. The guardiolismo has imposed without hesitation the one to play from behind.

Almost definite declines. This European Championship swallows big names of the last decade. Think of Cristiano, Müller, Modric, Kane, Kroos, Blind, Pepe, Hummels, possibly Hazard and our Sergio Ramos … From now on some of them will scrape their career but very predictably on an openly descending plane.

Emerging myths for the immediate future. It’s time for Pogba, Havertz, our De Jong, De Ligt, Shaw, Saka, Lucatelli, Depay, Tielemans, Bruno Fernandes, Sterling, Coman, Grealish, Witsel, De Bruyne, Mount … Some are already a certain age and a certain irregularity but pending top consecration as possible great protagonists of what is coming.

Busquets and Pedri embody the good orderly transition period that Spain can star. At the moment they support the selection within the new trio of possible championship winners: the hard-working England that does not concede goals, the continuously efficient game of Belgium in all directions, and that unbridled and irregular combative anarchism that Luis Enrique has found.

-Mbappé, frozen. With defensive tactics becoming more efficient than individualized overflows, he hesitates. Success in the immediate future of football seems more linked to joint work than to specific genius. That will open debates.

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