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Europe entered through Rojales – Information

The phrase was repeated with each child: «I’ll throw you to the wall: if you hold on, it’s okay; if not, you are not worth it». In his own peculiar way, Justo Quesada, the owner of the most land in the Vega Baja, let his five descendants know that their responsibility was enough to open the first door so that, from then on, each one would manage on their own. The slogan, which remains fresh in her memory, was quickly assumed by Pepita, her second daughter, a smart and restless girl who learned languages, fell in love at the age of 17 and married Antonio Quesada, an aeronautical engineer, a few months later. who continues to be the love of his life and his partner in one of the most solid companies dedicated to the construction, development and management of land in this province: Euromarina.

Europe entered through Rojales

That path began fifty years ago, when Don Justo, the great patriarch who made his fortune with the land in the south of the province, gave them a plot of land in Ciudad Quesada, an area of ​​Rojales that at that time was nothing more than a dry land. . On it, Antonio and Pepita -both riding…- built a couple of chalets that were soon sold. With the spigot of that business open, the couple focused on the international market at a time when no one was aiming across the border. At that moment, a business success story began to take shape, which today stands as an example.

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Mastery of the language paved the way for opening a market in Belgium, where Pepita defended the product against miners with a high purchasing power for the time. To do this, in the beginning, the Quesada traveled by car to Brussels loaded with cans, ham and sausage, while sleeping in middling hostels so as not to spend more than necessary in order to invest their limited resources in advertising in a newspaper. Belgian for emigrants and in the rental of the halls of the best hotels where to make an impression by exposing the future homes to potential clients.

The initiative was repeated in several European cities with resounding success, growing and consolidating Euromarina (previously Promociones Quesada and Quesada&Quesada), the family business that the couple from Alicante nurtured from international clients (more than 30 different nationalities) before and better than anyone else.

In this way, Pepita and Antonio increased the purchase of land and generated more construction. First in Ciudad Quesada, where they also created a flying club that came to host a Spanish championship, and later in 16 other municipalities -Los Alcázares, Guardamar, Benijófar, Torrevieja, Elche (los Arenales)…- until they put their signature on 30,000 homes, a good part of them in urbanizations equipped with all the services.

Pepita’s ability was reflected in the purchase of land. That was one of the main missions of the current matriarch of the clan, especially skilled at negotiating with the owners, closing agreements piece by piece.

With promotion and construction as a base, the business raised its sights towards other sectors, including tourism. On that land, the family built the Laguna hotel -in the Doña Pepa area of ​​Ciudad Quesada- and invested in tourist accommodation, yes, without ever neglecting the root of the project, the land, until becoming the company with the most qualified surface of the province of Alicante thanks to the business sense of a woman who, in bad times, had the skill to avoid and not be excessively damaged by the successive crises that planned for the sector.

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In the same way, in order to diversify the company, Euromarina has reached out to agriculture with the purchase of seven million square meters in Alicante, of which nearly one and a half million have already been allocated to growing organic lemons.

Meanwhile, with his three children -Antonio, Patricia and Pepita- incorporated into the management, the company has gained volume in other branches, where sons-in-law and daughter-in-law are involved. One of them is technology, an aspect in which Antonio Panea has accelerated steadily thanks to an application dedicated to resource management that has drawn the attention and interest of the South Korean government. At the same time, Jéssica Rodríguez, partner of the eldest son, is in charge of Boga, a decoration and finishing company that is in charge of decorating Euromarina’s buildings while serving abroad, while Juan Francisco Chumilla, architect and Patricia’s husband, collaborates and executes projects from his own office.

In short, the Quesada company generates two hundred direct jobs and contributes a more than remarkable level of wealth to the province, given that each foreign resident who occupies their properties spends most of the year on Alicante soil.

And that is the work of Pepita Quesada, a tireless, charismatic fighter, with an overwhelming personality, who collaborates in silence with causes in need and who cannot be away more than a week from a company to which she has dedicated her life.

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