Thursday, July 7

European funds do not arrive

Next week Mark Zuckerberg will announce his new Facebook, a name change to address digital El Dorado. The key to the invention seems to be the metaverse. And what does the word in question consist of? Well, very simple: transfer the real world to a virtual world without limits and where there will be everything. Of everything opportunely managed by the own Zuckerberg. Well, the matter transferred to our particular domestic present time, it turns out that in Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and his friends’ social democracy, also wants to create his metaverse: a happy Spain – conveniently attested by the also fanciful CIS of Tezanos – where everything is about wheels and it rains European funds every morning. It is the socialist metaverse where there is no criticism or bad

rolls: companies earn money by the bucketload, politicians graze happily on the public budget, nationalists nationalize and independentists, because that makes them independent. There are no critical voices or opinions that are worthwhile, only raging applauders and certain mat businessmen – I bite my tongue better – who mold themselves to the heel of Sánchez’s shoe so that the dust of the legislature is shaken. There are no ‘IMFs’ that question the macro metrics, nor courts that amend the plan nor, of course, separation of powers that limits the action of the Executive. It is the metaverse ‘sanchista’: a haven of euphoria and tranquility where the men in black and the scrutinizing eyes of Brussels will never ever dare to set foot.

But lo and behold, while the metaverse becomes true, the real world continues to spin on its axis and throwing such gloomy data as that there is no one to pay the electricity bill and that the men in black roam freely through the accounts. Spanish public. Well … take note, because the vaunted European funds will not come until at least after Easter, a ‘Friday of Sorrows’ that awaits our economic bosses, because the numbers do not come out in Europe. How does the body fit? As is the thing. This is what the metaverse and the ‘metacards’ have, which only exist in the feverish imagination of a few unburdened people who dream of making us gas light – at the price that is now above – and forcing us to commune with millstones.

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And while the metaverse is consolidated, the ‘blandiblú’ entrepreneurs – I keep biting my tongue, but I give a hint: those who just set up a chiringuito of connected vehicles that the Monclovita flying leaf, said remains – continue to set foot in each world. The left, of course, along with Sánchez, would be missing more. The right, next to Pablo Casado, who never knows – what a panorama is left to the leader of the PP as it is finally who inherits the management of a state in permanent airplane mode! I do not rent profit-; and the closer in the photo and the more ball, the more fatuous. It’s what the metaverse and the ‘metacards’ have: if something goes wrong, it is said that it was all a joke, that who would believe that, period. And all with a bleached smile and a hair in the wind so false that they don’t even mess up. Calderón already said, I repeat, that dreams are dreams, and … long live the ‘meta-recovery’ that gave birth to them!

In short, the virtual and fantasy world in which Sánchez and his applauders want to put us is crumbling. Neither the forecasts are fulfilled nor the economy bounces nor, what is worse, the European funds arrive, because the men in black, believe me, here visiting and with the magnifying glass on their shoulders for more than a month, they do not swallow the tranquility . They see few lights. And with the rise in energy, much less. Although speaking of lights, this Government if you stand up to it, but really, it collapses and gives in. And even more so now that the Marketenian roller of the ex-Godoy de La Moncloa, turned into a last-minute writer, which is very fashionable, does not work. For example, the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, and the long shadow of Julián Martínez Simancas, who knows more about the devil as an old man than because his last name is Carmona, are not disoriented … Galán, he said, has gone battle to battle, photo here, photo There, like a little Nicolás -but with class, gray hair and many, many more lights, that something has to weigh the sector and experience-, and he has won the war. The one that the energy companies have with the Minister of Transition, Teresa Ribera, since she announced her decree, and that now, they tell me, is finalizing and weighing a new energy decree. Seriously? Why touch up the mess if you can do something new! With the permission of Podemos – which is why it surprises me – the rule would be the shortest in history. We’ll see … Now, yes, I’m imagining Galán saying: «Oh, Ana (Botín), how right you were that Sánchez was not to be trusted. That first he was going for the PSOE, then for the companies and then for Spain! ». And in those follows the pressure. He takes us all for ‘meta-idiots’. Well, with exceptions that prove the rule. Read on, Galán.

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