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European pulse for CN Sabadell and CN Mataró

Just a week after facing off in the Bowl, the Astrapool sabadell and the CN Mataró aspire to carry their burgeoning rivalry to the final four from LEN Trophy, the second continental competition of women’s water polo. The presence of the Vallesan team, the great dominator of Spanish water polo, and that of the emerging Mataró, current League champion and who already has a LEN Trophy in his record, he guarantees the show of this final phase, which will be held in the pool Sant Jordi this weekend and will keep all the fans of water sports glued to the screens, as the public will not be able to attend according to the regulations of the European Swimming League (LEN). If both teams win their respective matches, they will meet again in the final on Sunday (2pm).

The Astralpool CN Sabadell he wants to win the only title that is missing from his record. After winning the Queen’s Cup Alabama Mataró by 11-9, they will play 15 years later in the semifinals of the LEN. They will do it against an old acquaintance, the Kinef kirishi Russian, the winner of the 2018 continental final, with whom he will cross this Friday (2:00 p.m.) and with whom the last four titles of the Euroleague. The Russians were also eliminated in the quarterfinals by one of their compatriots, the Uralochka.

“We are looking forward to this competition. After winning 5 Euroleague It is not what we were looking for, but we face it with great enthusiasm. It was a hard blow against him Olympiakos but we have recovered, we have raised our heads and after winning the Bowl we are very motivated “she comments Maica Garcia, captain of the Sabadell Y Mvp from the last end of the Queen’s Cup.

“The Introduction It is a team in which its players know each other very well, they are all Russian. You cannot be trusted, at any moment they turn the game around. We will have to be very concentrated and play our water polo and above all avoid their counterattacks “commented the goalkeeper Laura Ester during the ‘media day’ organized by the club. The dutch Sabrina Van der Slots, one of the latest additions to the Sabadell, also examined the rivals: “The two teams have similar players, perhaps they are stronger and we shoot better,” he analyzed.

The semifinal that will open the tournament will star CN Mataró against him SIS Rome (11.30am). The girls of Dani ballart They do not dispute the final of the LEN for exactly five years, when they defeated 6-5 at Vouliagmeni Greek and put their first title in the showcases of the club Maresme. Despite this data, the forces in the national championship are becoming more and more equal, and the Mataró is reaffirming a project that has managed to consolidate over the years.

“We have been betting heavily on women’s water polo for years. The objective was to try to be a little closer to the Sabadell. Last year we were able to sign Years, they left there too Bea ortiz Y Paula Leiton, Pili Peña… The loss of troops who lived brought us even closer ”, he commented Beto Fernandez, coordinator of the entity of the Maresme.

The team won the League last season, when the pandemic precipitated the end of the championship, but the break has not stopped this exciting project. Anni Espar has established himself as the undisputed leader of the team and Marta Bach it continues to be the benchmark for people who come to the house. “We have made a brutal change since Super Cup we won last year, and we can make things difficult by Sabadell, which until now seemed to have a monopoly on securities “, says Scatter.

The centenary season of the FCN

This competition is organized in the pool Sant Jordi from Barcelona and it will be the first commemorative act of the 100 years that the Catalan Swimming Federation (FCN). “Although this tournament was not on the calendar of sports events for the centenary, we could not miss this opportunity and we quickly got on with the LEN“, said the president of the FCN, Enric Bertrán.

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One of the best buoys in the world, Maica Garcia, also celebrates the great federal milestone: “It is a pride that the Federation turn 100 years old. I would never have imagined everything I have gained and learned with this sport: players, colleagues, coaches … I encourage people who are starting to enjoy sport, work and the road, which is very important. The triumphs will come, “he lectured.

The final at four in the LEN It can be seen in its entirety by Esport3, which will issue the Mataró-Rome Saturday at 11:30 am; Sabadell-Kirishi Saturday at 2pm and final that will be disputed Sunday, also at 14h noon.

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