Monday, October 18

Eusebio Cáceres, three centimeters from the bronze



For a few minutes, those who have gone between his jump and that of Miltiadis Tenteglou, Eusebio Cáceres has been on the Olympic podium. In one of the most exciting length finals of recent times, the jumper from Onil has hooked a last jump of 8.18 meters that surpassed the American Harrison and placed him third, an achievement for an always competitive jumper despite a trajectory marked by physical problems. They remained to jump Harrison, who has failed, and the Greek, who was leading a cross contest. But a jumper of his class is always to be feared, and unfortunately for Cáceres, Tentoglou has made a golden jump. He has gone to 8.41, the same mark that Echevarría had since the beginning, and he has been proclaimed Olympic champion for his second best mark. Cáceres, who had gone to a corner next to the jump hall to wait for events, has resignedly attended the Greek’s explosion of joy. For him it was fourth place, the classic chocolate medal that despite everything is a great result for Cáceres, today in its most competitive version.

Because after going to the final with a best result of 7.98, Onil’s has always been involved in the contest. It started with a 7.96 which has helped him to settle in the first places and to gain confidence, in a morning competition where it is always more difficult to warm up and where brands suffer a priori.

A Juan Miguel Echevarría that doesn’t matter to him. After a scoring jump over 8.09 and a null, he has gone to 8.41 in the third, a mark that seemed to already put the name to the gold medal. But the rest of the competitors have been equalizing in the fight for the podium, and Eusebio Cáceres has also joined. In the second attempt he has already achieved an 8.09 that left him very well positioned in the final for the decisive attempts. The Cuban Masso did 8.21, standing out slightly, while the rest of the applicants were between 8.15 and 8.09.

The moment of truth had arrived. And the first blow of effect. The Cuban couple, the first two classified, they got injured and had to watch the last rounds without being able to jump. On the fifth try, even more equality. Tentoglou and Harrison jumped 8.15 and Cáceres 8.12. Just three centimeters from the dream, in fifth place.

The last round was beautiful to watch for the fans, but harrowing for the competitors. To the tense faces of the Cuban couple for not being able to jump was added that of the jumper on duty, knowing that hooking the jump of the day meant a place on the podium. The Swedish Montler has had it, who has gone very far but has made zero by a centimeter and a half. The turn of Cáceres and Onil he displayed his class with a fantastic 8.18 that took him to the podium. Harrison remained, who has failed. And Tentoglou. But his leap has been unattainable. An 8.41 that carried the gold to Greece. Echevarría, injured, has tried but could not. He has kissed the ground and has given thanks for the money. Cáceres not even that. At least he has been able to thank for a fantastic contest that, as he said later, fills him with “motivation” for the future. “I leave here motivated for tomorrow, but not only for the next Games, there are the World Cups, the Europeans … I am happy,” he admitted.

«They have been better»

His summary of what happened in the final is very simple. «They have been better than me, I have given everything I had, I have felt well physically and I love this, i love to compete. So I leave happy and motivated, because I know that I still have a lot to give, I’m very stubborn, and we have to keep working because it will come out, I’m sure ”.

In the other morning finale, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn she has won the 100-meter hurdles duel over American Kendra Harrison with remarkable authority. The Puerto Rican has scored 13.37 – yesterday in the semifinals she made the Olympic record with 13.26 – while her great rival has stayed at 13.52. Megan Tapper, the Jamaican, has completed the podium with 13.55.

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