Tuesday, October 19

Eva Crisol: “Compromís is leading Elche into a circulatory chaos with its bike lanes by decree”

Image provided by Cs de Avenida Juan Carlos I, near the Santa María school, Elche

Image provided by Cs de Avenida Juan Carlos I, at the height of the Santa María school, in Elche

Today, as she did last week, the spokesperson for the Grupo Municipal Ciudadanos Elche reported the discomfort that has been manifested by “multiple” residents of the different areas where the new bike lanes have been installed in the urban area of ​​the municipality. “Compromís has taken this as an ideological campaign, where the important thing is to advertise and present many bike lanes regardless of the impact it has on citizens or even if those bike lanes contribute something to the municipality, the important thing is again the photo and the tweet “. INFORMATION already published yesterday that there is a campaign to collect signatures.

It is usual for them, zero interest in what is important to citizens and all interest in doing what they please in order to have the photo on duty and be able to show it off with their followers. It is what governing for a minority has ”, explained Crisol, who recalled that “we have a year of photos and advertisements that are negative for the majority” and has asked the PSOE “to intervene due to responsibility.”

Crisol has expressed special concern about the impact that the installation of these new lanes will have on some of the city’s arteries. “In the section from Juan Carlos I to the Plaza de Benidorm we have already been seeing for days that the traffic jams are enormous, causing great discomfort in the neighbors, since many of them have to go to work in their vehicles or bring their children to school before doing “, and has questioned Compromís “to tell these working-class parents that they should take their children by bicycle and then go to Torrellano, Carrús or even outside Elche, in the vehicle imposed on them by a political party” .


To the problems already generated by the lanes already open, the mayor has been concerned about what will be generated with those planned to be done in the coming weeks. “The bike path planned to the Altamira bridge is an abomination, it will create a bottleneck that will make the center impassable and with that they will end up killing it. It does not make sense to pedestrianize the center and then make it difficult to access vehicles in the surroundings, it is nonsense “, has recriminated.

In addition to the traffic problems, Crisol has referred to the “Provisional state that some sections seem to have”. And is that many of the bike lanes have yellow marks “typical of unfinished works or that are temporary, however when you ask them they tell you that this provisional could last years, which is absurd and, along with multiple errors, such as the diameter of the lines does not obey the parameters established by traffic regulations ”.

“Absolute botch”

In these circumstances, the councilor of Cs has described as “Absolute botch” the work carried out by Compromís, “A party that seems more concerned now with destroying traffic rather than saving lives”, has asserted, adding that “Some of the sections are more dangerous for bicycle users than going on a normal urban road, so from saving lives they will endanger all that they can”, has sentenced.


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