Friday, June 24

Eva Crisol: “We will never support budgets that abandon thousands of people from Elche”

The spokesperson for Cs in Elche, Eva Crisol

The spokesperson for Cs in Elche, Eva Crisol

The Spokesperson for the Elche Municipal Citizens Group, Eva María Crisol, stated that “there were too many reasons to vote against the municipal budgets that were voted on this Monday so that we could hardly consider changing the sign of our decision.” Some statements made hours after voting against the public accounts that, however, were approved by the bipartisan PSOE and Compromís.

“The budgets leave thousands of people from Elche in the lurch, especially those who live in the districts and in the camp d’Elx feel abandoned, since the bipartisan has struck down most of the budget items destined for these areas, which are so of Elche as the urban area”, Said Crisol. “The reality is that they are accounts that leave too many people helpless and that prevented us from even considering abstention.”

Crucible has indicated to be “Surprised” due to the attacks received by the government team, they once knew the meaning of their vote. It is incredible that they have that attitude and lack of respect towards other political groups, that we have all the right granted by the thousands of people from Elche who voted for us to decide the vote without receiving any pressure. It is a shameful attitude that must disappear from all public institutions and, of course, we must eradicate in Elche ”.

“It is true that the government team has included around 150,000 euros for the aid plan for businesses, something that on the other hand we had requested just a month ago in full and we were denied, but that is not enough for them they may think that our vote was going to be in favor or abstention “Crucible has asserted. “It is absurd for them to understand that accepting a proposal must have a consequence in the vote of who presents it, and that makes me wonder if perhaps they would have stopped including this item if they knew that we would vote against, have they not included it for to think that it is good for Elche? Because if so, we would be talking about an embarrassing attitude and that the people of Elche should not forgive ”.

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The Orange Councilor also emphasized the attitude of “To try to divide Elche again into sides, the always mentioned reds and blues, and that is insane for politics and for society in general.” “The vote of Citizens for these budgets has been contrary because they are not the budgets that Elche needs and because we understand that it stands out more for the shortcomings it has than for the positive aspects that, of course, it also includes, but the people of Elche may be clear that We will vote in favor of everything that we understand is good for Elche and for the people, and hopefully next year we will find a project of budgeting dialogues from the beginning and not a few weeks before so that they move forward with a majority supported by all the members of the corporation ”, concluded Crisol.

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