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Eva Granados: PSC’s number two makes the leap to Madrid

The vice-first secretary of the PSC, Eva Granados.

The vice-first secretary of the PSC, Eva Granados.

The coup that Pedro Sanchez executed in July in the socialist sector of the Government will continue this fall in the ranks of the PSOE itself. The general secretary of the party plans a thorough renewal of the executive that will have its advancement with the appointment of the new socialist spokesmen in the Cortes. For both responsibilities, Sánchez has chosen to promote hitherto unknown figures in state politics: the Canarian Héctor Gómez, who will be the spokesperson in Congress, and the Catalan Eva Granados, who will be the visible face of the PSOE in the Senate. With this movement, the socialist leader confirms his commitment to project nationally to the current number two of the PSC.

In fact, Granados is already in charge of an organic responsibility with media projection. She is the spokesperson for the commission that organizes the 40th federal congress of the PSOE, which will take place in Valencia in mid-October and which will formalize this new stage of profound renewal in the socialist ranks, with eyes set on the 2023 electoral cycle. And in the executive who leaves said conclave, it is more than likely that Granados will have a position.

That eventual position and her new responsibility in the Senate will represent a change of stage for this 46-year-old from Barcelona who jumped into the public arena in 2009, when Josep Maria Álvarez made her the number three in the UGT Catalonia leadership. Those unionist roots have always been his letter of introduction in the different positions he has held in the PSC, being, for example, one of the most powerful voices against the social cuts of the governments of Artur Mas, forging a direct thread with the entities of the Third sector.

A member of Parliament since 2010, Miquel Iceta promoted her in 2015 to number two of the PSC and spokesperson in the Parliament, which gave her a leading role in the convulsive plenary sessions of September 6 and 7, 2017, when she voiced the opposition of your parliamentary group to the “disconnection laws” approved by the pro-independence majority in the Chamber. Salvador Illa ratified her as number two of the candidacy with which she won the last regional elections, but it is taken for granted that she will leave her organic responsibility as deputy first secretary in the congress that the PSC will hold in December.

In reality, Granados, who is also the second vice president of the Parliament, has yet to pass a previous filter to be able to be a spokesperson for the PSOE in the Senate. Right now it does not have a record in the upper house, so the PSC must replace one of its three current senators of autonomous designation (Antoni Poveda, Lorena González or Manel de la Vega) and that the majority of the Catalan Chamber approves it.

The result may not be the same as it was then, but the Catalan socialists could face a situation similar to that experienced in the last legislature, when ERC and JxCat vetoed Iceta’s appointment as senator and, with it, Sánchez’s plan for him to preside over the upper house.

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