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‘Even the car park is idyllic’: Readers’ Choice of 10 Best UK Farm Shops | Food and drink

Winning tip: this place makes me happy, Lake District

From the fairy farm trail, to watching the cows being milked as you soak in a homemade wrap of roasted yorkshire pudding, Sizergh Low Barn South of Kendal is simply the best. We live in the area and love to visit to shop, eat and enjoy a lazy day walking around the area, whether in shorts and t-shirts or head-to-toe raincoats when the Cumbrian sky opens up. With mental health charity Growing well At the store’s sourcing site, Sizergh Barn even contributes to improving the health of the local population. We have an allowance and we love the fact that the Low Sizergh Barn can exchange our surplus stock for coupons. I love the place and everything it represents. It makes me happy and positive about the future every time I visit.
Katie w

Ferry to the farm, Inner Hebrides

A bull at Balliemore Farm.
A bull at Balliemore Farm.

The “little blue” Balliemore Farm Store on the island of Kerrera, just off Oban, it is a sight for sore eyes when walking on a summer day. It sells meat (calf), homemade ice cream and cakes, jams and nice gifts. It’s a 10 minute walk uphill from the ferry on foot (or to the end of the circular walk around southern Kerrera, by which time you will have earned your ice cream). The only problem is putting everything in your backpack if you went through the ferry to walk around the island, like we did.


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An idyllic car park, Norfolk

The little dairy

the Small dairy shop Binham in North Norfolk is a happy place to visit. Join the friendly stream of customers at this self-serve dairy for raw milk, butter, locally made skyr yogurt, and beautiful local cheeses – all available at the cash and card reader vending machines. Other goodies are paid for with an honesty box, including ice cream. Everything is of the highest standard and delicious, everything is special here, it is a great find. In the yo there is homemade jam and local honey, there is also coffee on tap. Outside are picnic benches and a selection of colorful plants and planters. Even the parking lot is idyllic, right next door Binham Priory, which is also worth a visit.

Like Tuscany … in West Sussex

Comfortable, Rassasy, Ferring

Imagine that you stay in a rustic villa on the outskirts of a Tuscan village and go to the local store; this is how it is to go to Rassasy Farm Shop and Deli in Ferring, a little west of Worthing. Superb fresh produce and deli counter plus great eco credentials, it has delicious fresh milk on tap with reusable glass bottles and uses easy to recycle plant-based items for packaging, including its plastic pots.
Lucy Ignatiadis

Suburban organic produce in North London

Forty Farm
Photograph: Tony Farrugia / Alamy

Forty Hall Farm Shop in Enfield is an outlet for Forty Hall Farm run by Capel Manor College. Much of the work is done by volunteers and students. The product is organic and of high quality. Vegetables, fruits and flowers and excellent meat from free-range chickens, with meat sourced from their redfish and rare breed pigs such as sandy and black Berkshires and Oxford. However, the highlight (for me) is the wine from the attached vineyard – I recommend the award winning bacchus 2019.
Bob Pite

A taste of Chatsworth, Peak District

Eat royally? It is certainly possible in Chatsworth Estate Farm Store. Most of the products are from the farm, or like the wonderful freshly baked bread, made on site. For a foodie, this farm shop is much more interesting than the house. Any place that has a “cheese of the month” is more than enough for me. It’s Bakewell, so not enjoying a bakewell tart would be disrespectful. You can walk in the epic surrounding scenery around the Derwent River. My stepdad, from Coal Aston, used to take me on crazy adventures (and lots of lockdowns). His job was “country singer,” but it was never cooler than turning the wrecked car off the main road this way.
Antony train

Seafood Feast, South Cornwall

Cornwall Farm Shop
Photography: Lindsay

On Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula, off the A3078 between Veryan and Portscatho, the shop at Curgurrell Estate It is a treasure of Cornish food and drink, the locally caught fish including the wonderful mackerel, crab and lobster is a special draw. After a day hiking the coastal trail, it was a real treat to come here on the way to our campsite to pick up all the locally produced fresh vegetables, fish and wine, cider and olive oil that we were able to bring to create a feast in our caravan. It turned our five day stay there into something that more than rivaled our normal forays into France.

Tasty beans in Buckinghamshire

Peterley Manor Farm Shop
Photography: Jamie Orlando Smith

Peterley Manor Farm In Prestwood, near High Wycombe, it’s more than a place to pick up local supplies – it’s a destination unto itself. There is a lovely yurt cafe on site, serving homemade cakes, artisan coffees, and really tasty bean toast. Your plant nursery is a joy to explore, even if you’re not in the market for a hanging basket, and it even hosts movie nights where you can enjoy cult classics while sitting on a bale of hay. Also, it’s my favorite destination for pumpkins on Halloween and a tree on Christmas. I just love it.
Laura pidgely

Dorset meaty discovery

Pasties Chettle Village Store
Chettle store patties.

Driving through Dorset and looking for a lunch stop after passing near Blandford Forum, we found ourselves Chettle Stores by accident, with a homemade sign that indicated a kilometer from the main road that led to the town. This simple tin shack contains a wide range of eco-friendly produce and refills, food supplies for the local community, and best of all for hungry travelers, wonderful homemade hot sausage rolls, meat pies, and even vegan patties. Enjoy them in the outdoor garden with a coffee and views of the local sheep and chickens. High-end it isn’t, but if you’re looking for an unexpected and unpretentious gem in the Dorset countryside, head to Chettle.
i devine

Sell ​​and do it, Suffolk

Baron Bigod
Baron Bigod cheese from Fen Farm. Photograph: Mim Friday / Alamy

Not your traditional farm shop, but Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay in the southernmost part of the Norfolk Broads, it definitely gains in novelty value. He is a producer of the excellent Baron Bigod cheese (think brie, but better). On the farm there is a small shack where you can buy the cheese along with the butter and raw milk (either as it comes or in a cafe with raw milk) along with bread and meat from other local suppliers. The difference is that everything comes from bespoke vending machines, definitely a more gourmet experience than your standard vending machine.

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