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Events: A 79-year-old driver travels 30 kilometers on the A-5 in the opposite direction and causes an accident

Archive image of a Civil Guard control. / TODAY

The vehicle was detected at the height of the municipality of Puerto de Santa Cruz and intercepted by the Civil Guard of Trujillo

The Civil Guard has brought to justice a 79-year-old driver who traveled on the A-5 motorway in the opposite direction for 30 kilometers. The car was intercepted by agents of the Civil Guard of the Trujillo Traffic detachment at the height of the municipality of Puerto de Santa Cruz, after causing an accident on said road.

The event took place on the morning of May 30, around 12 noon, when the Civil Guard Headquarters and the Extremadura 112 Emergency Center began to receive numerous calls alerting that a vehicle was circulating in the A -5 towards Madrid in the opposite direction (on the road to Badajoz). The car had been detected at kilometer 270,500 of the road, in the municipality of Puerto de Santa Cruz.

Agents belonging to the Traffic Subsector of the Civil Guard of Cáceres moved quickly to the scene, who, at first, began to retain vehicles that were traveling in the correct direction of traffic in order to avoid possible accidents.

Moments later, agents from the Trujillo Traffic Detachment’s Reports and Reports Team detected the tourist, since the characteristics coincided with those that the alerters had indicated in their phone calls. He was driving in the opposite direction to the legally established one, that is, he was going towards Madrid on the road towards Badajoz, putting his life and that of other road users at risk. Finally, the agents managed to intercept the driver of the vehicle.

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However, before the car was stopped and as a consequence of said reckless driving, the driver of another vehicle that was traveling correctly in the Badajoz direction collided with a metal protection fence located on the side of the road after performing an evasive maneuver while meet the other tourism face to face. In this way, according to the Civil Guard in a press release, it avoided the frontal collision of the vehicles. The driver who collided with the protective barrier, the only occupant, was uninjured and the material damage to the car was of little consideration.


Due to these facts, proceedings were instructed by the Trujillo Traffic Detachment’s Audit Team, which were delivered to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2 of this town, for which the 79-year-old man was investigated for the commission of an alleged offense of reckless driving. This crime is included in article 380 of the Criminal Code, now facing a prison sentence of 6 months to 2 years and the deprivation of driving a motor vehicle from 1 to 6 years.

In addition, the agents proposed the opening of a file for the loss of psychophysical conditions in the driver for driving vehicles.

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