Wednesday, December 6

Events in Extremadura: A fire burns down a nightclub in the Guadiana Urbanization in Badajoz two days after its inauguration

Images of how the premises of the Guadiana Urbanization have turned out inside. / today

The two partners who are in charge of the business are convinced that the fire has been intentional to boycott its opening

Miriam F. Rua

The fire has burned down a nightclub in the Guadiana Urbanization in Badajoz two days after its inauguration. The fire, which occurred last morning, has devoured armchairs, air conditioners, the stereo, the glassware and the arsenal of hookahs that they had ready for their opening, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday.

The two partners behind this project are convinced that the fire was intentional to boycott its opening. “We have no doubts. They have forced the closure, we found the bowler on the door lying on the ground, ”says David Vega Laso, who runs two drinks businesses and a mechanical workshop in Talavera la Real and who wanted to make his debut with the Guadiana Urbanization premises in the leisure of Badajoz.

“The welcome has gone wrong, wrong, wrong,” he says sadly, as he tries to calculate what they have lost and cancels the DJ performances and concerts he had scheduled for this weekend.

They found out about what happened this morning when they approached the premises to give the last shots. “The sofas are burned, the air conditioners and the stereo melted and the hookahs have been smashed with hammers,” he details.

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“This morning the place was still warm”

They do not know when the fire started, in which the firefighters did not even intervene because no one gave notice. “We left on Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. and we returned today at eight in the morning and we found the place burned, which was still warm,” he describes.

The flames have not affected the exterior of the premises. «The fire has been inside and not everything is burned, it is as if they had set fire to it and then put it out. Whoever did it didn’t want us to open.”

The National Police, says Vega Laso, have already been to the premises this morning, and he and his partner will go to the police station today to file a complaint. “He hasn’t given us time yet,” he says.

They also have to make an inventory of what the fire has taken away, but in a rough calculation they believe that the losses reach 35,000 euros, given that the music equipment and the air conditioning installation are unusable and are the largest investments What have they done on the premises?

“We don’t explain it to ourselves, it has to be a matter that they don’t want us as competition because we haven’t had problems with anyone, on the contrary we get along with everyone, the proof is that they are dedicated to helping us,” he says.

In the premises, 40 of the Guadiana Urbanization, just above the Sabor restaurant, everything was ready, except for loading the drinks, for its opening. Baptized as ‘Brahma’, it was designed to open daily from afternoon until dawn offering drinks and hookahs, a very fashionable combination in the leisure business.

The idea of ​​Vega Laso and his partner is to clean and re-equip the premises to open it. “At the earliest, it will take a month and a half”, meanwhile the four waiters and the two ‘cachimberos’ that he had hired will have to wait to join.

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