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Events in Extremadura: Blow to synthetic drugs in Mérida: the largest cache of speed in the region and a dangerous ecstasy


The National Police has arrested nine people and has dismantled a synthetic drug laboratory where ketamine, marijuana and various cutting substances were found.

The National Police has managed to dismantle a synthetic drug laboratory in Mérida in which they found the largest cache of speed seized in Extremadura. This blow to the manufacture of synthetic drugs in the region has received the name ‘Punisher’ for being the first “large-scale discovery in Spain of the ecstasy pill known by this name, whose danger is its large size,” indicates the body in press release.

During the intervention, the agents assigned to the Narcotics Group of the Mérida Police Station have arrested 9 people for their alleged responsibility for a drug trafficking crime. For one of them, the entry into prison has been decreed.

Arrested a driver who transported five kilos of drugs on the A-66

The investigation began at the end of September of last year, when the agents observed the presence of a young man, repeatedly and for a short time, in a parking lot located in the southern area of ​​Mérida. After being identified and locating his home, the agents detected sounds coming from the building and suspected that it could be an encapsulation or tableting machine, one of those used to manufacture designer drugs.


The result of the steps taken was communicated to the judicial authority, who on May 20 authorized the entry and search of the house, located in the southern part of the city, where the main person under investigation was arrested.

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The large and dangerous ‘Punisher’ pill due to its amount of amphetamines

During the search, almost 6 kilograms of speed were seized, about a thousand ecstasy pills, 70 grams of methamphetamine, in addition to a few grams of ketamine, marijuana and various cutting substances.

drug in the freezer

A modified dishwasher was also found that had traces of narcotic substances, where the process of mixing active ingredients and cutting substances for the preparation of “speed” was presumably carried out. Once made, it was vacuum packed and frozen. In fact, the freezer in the kitchen of the house was the place where most of this drug was found.

Risk of cardiac arrest

This operation has meant the first large-scale discovery in Spain of the ecstasy pill known as ‘Punisher’ whose danger is its large size, so that, if the consumer does not dose it, it can contain such a high amount of amphetamines that it causes cardiac arrest.

It has also meant the highest discovery and apprehension of speed (amphetamine sulfate) in the history of Extremadura, and with it that this highly dangerous substance is not consumed in the region, highlights the Police.

Synthetic drugs were produced in the laboratory, mixing active ingredients, excipients and dyes for manufacturing.

The investigation has resulted in a total of 9 detainees, between 34 and 46 years of age. The main investigated was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority, which has ordered his entry into prison.

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