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Events: Three arrested in Badajoz for two plantations with 225 marijuana plants

Indoor marijuana plantations located in Badajoz. / TODAY

The agents carried out two searches: one in a house on Tomas Rabanal Brito street and another in a warehouse on the way to the Livestock Station

Agents of the Badajoz National Police arrested two women and a man between 25 and 48 years of age on March 20 and 25 as allegedly responsible for two indoor marijuana plantations in the Gurugú area. The agents carried out two searches on Tomas Rabanal Brito street and the path of the Livestock Station, where they located 225 marijuana plants and effects for their cultivation.

As reported in a press release, the first of the events became known when on March 20 a duty free agent noticed the strong smell coming from a ship located on the road to the Livestock Station, on the Right Bank, observing at the same time that the access door was forced. For this reason, he requested the presence of members of the judicial police.

The agents who traveled to the place took charge of the rest of the steps to locate the person responsible for said ship, who upon arrival at the place confirmed that he was a tenant of the property that he had left completely closed.

When asked by the agents about the smell of marijuana in the environment, he stated that there was an ‘indoor’ type plantation inside, which is why, with the relevant permits, the interior was accessed, corroborating the statements of the person in charge. At the same time, she was arrested for her alleged responsibility for a crime against public health, specifically drug trafficking and electricity fraud. In this space, a total of 65 plants, numerous empty pots, transformers, lamps and other tools for the cultivation of this plant were intervened.

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second performance

The second intervention was carried out after the investigations of the narcotics group of the Provincial Police Station of Badajoz, who were aware of the possible activation of a point of sale of narcotic substances in Tomas Rabanal Brito street.

During the course of the operation, they confirmed that an intense smell of marijuana emanated from a home on the aforementioned road, as well as a monotonous and constant sound from the refrigeration machines necessary to generate the ideal temperature for plant growth. In addition, the electrical fluid was fraudulently connected.

With all the information collected by the police, on the morning of March 25, the property was entered and searched, where a total of 160 marijuana plants and their own tools were located to stimulate the growth of these plants (transformers, lamps and protective screens, fans, filters, extractors, fertilizer, etc.). Likewise, the tenants of the house were arrested, accused of a crime against public health, specifically drug trafficking and electricity fraud.

The detainees are two women and a man between 25 and 48 years of age, with a police record, reporting all the actions to the competent Judicial Authority.

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